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A Week in the Life of Nigeria

By Eddie Iroh   Like most fathers, mine was my everything – mentor, teacher, professor, confessor; my Solomon. In material terms, he was a poor man. But in the values that matter most in life, he was not rich: he was stupendously rich. He was an ordinary yet extraordinary man who placed enormous premium on

False Patriotism?

By John Igoli It is the patriotic duty of every man to lie for his country. Alfred Adler When it comes to patriotism we always volunteer others. Others should say the truth and work to move the country forward. They should organise all the protests and resist all forms of corruption and malpractices while we

Between Oteh and Hembe

By Jideofor Adibe   The salacious revelations at the probe of the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Capital Markets Committee of the House of Representatives provided Nigerians with the sort of infotainment that draw and addict some people to the tabloids. While in countries like the UK and the US celebrity indiscretions and sexual

How Corruption Defines Our Lifestyle

By Levi Obijiofor   Some people say that corruption has become the commonest feature of life in Nigeria. They are right. Consider the key stories that made headline news this past week. First, there was the revelation that a permanent secretary in a federal ministry who was involved in the latest scam over police pension

Dr. Abubakar Elkanami


By: Bilyaminu M. Moh’d   Alhaji (Dr) Abubakar Ibn Garbai El-Kanemi (CFR) is the 20th Shehu of the famous El-Kanemi dynasty of Borno in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. He ascended the royal throne in 2009 after the death of his predecessor, the 19th Shehu, Alh. (Dr) Mustapha Umar Ibn El-Kanemi. His Grand Father,

Nigerian Leaders and the Resource Curse

By Chike Orjiako   You know this popular joke about a Nigerian, an American and a Briton in a dialogue with the gods. The American and the Briton accused the gods of partiality especially with the excellent weather and all the natural resources he so wonderfully endowed Nigeria with. The gods looked at them, smiled

justice dahiru mustapah

Injustice in Kaduna Court of Appeal!

Short-changed staffers of the Federal Court of Appeal have taken their destinies in their hands to fight for rights, Musa Alhaji Muhammad reports Some staff of the Federal Court of Appeal, Kaduna have accused some of their principal officers particularly those who are in charge of Finance and Administration notably the office of the Deputy

How the Freemasons Rule the World

That was even the case in Nigeria up to the late seventies. Thompson documented these practices in his book on Masonic Experience. He wrote: “It is the custom of Lodge St. David even before Akinyele became Master of the Lodge  for a Master to worship in his church on the Sunday immediately after his installation