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Nigeria tops Africa Illegal financial deals Chart- Report

The odious toga currently adorning Nigeria’s economic management profile, was further given expression yesterday in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, as the nation was said to have accounted for over 30.5 per cent of over one trillion illegal financial transactions on the international market within the last 10 years. The illegal transactions, described as Illicit Financial Flow


Revealed: How Federal Ministries, National Assembly Milk Nigeria!

Each fiscal year, as the budget is passed, there are high expectations for its implementation, but it has never worked, leaving Nigerians feeling utterly short-changed due to its non-implementation. Why? Ohia Israel and Maryam Musa, reports Early this year public outcry forced the presidency to cut to half a billion for the purchase of vehicles.


Rising poverty Level in Nigeria

Poverty reduction lies at the core of the global development challenge. For the international development community, this objective serves not only as a source of motivation, but as a defining theme across its work. Many of the world’s most prominent aid organizations cite poverty reduction as their overarching goal. But while Nigeria’s goal of poverty

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Indifferent Middle Class and our Failing Govt

By Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai I met Japheth Omojuwa on Twitter before we met in person a few months after. He is one of those young Nigerians that are brilliant, courageous and detribalised and express these philosophies passionately using social media. With nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter, Japheth is both a thought leader among his peers,

‘No Enemy within the NIA’

By Farouq El- Siddiq In a swift reaction to our cover story Revealed: National Intelligence Agency (NIA): The Enemy within! the content of which was extracted from a petition by anonymous persons that claimed to be concerned employees of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and published in our edition of 18th-24th September 2012, Vol. 2No.

controller prison of Nigeria

Nigerian Prisons: Hell on Earth!

The Prisons in Nigeria currently with a total inmates population of 53,100 is fast becoming a smoking dungeon, despite the so-called efforts of the federal government for reforms, writes Ohia Israel The Nigerian prison system dates as far back as 1872 when the British Colonialists established the first prison in the country and was situated


Is Nigeria a Toilet of a Country?

‘Nigeria is just a toilet of a country where evil reigns’ – Lord Apsley By Femi Fani-Kayode Lord Apsley and I were colleagues at Harrow School in England approximately 36 years ago. I have never forgotten his uncharitable remarks about Nigeria which led to a heated argument between us. At that time I found it