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On the Ban of Achaba in Kano

BY SANUSI MUSA Perhaps apart from those who lost their loved ones in the unfortunate attack against the Emir of Kano last Saturday, the greatest losers are the Motorcycle commercial operators popularly known as ‘Yan Achaba’ in Kano. For a long time, the Kano state Government has been toying with the idea of banning the

NNPC Crude Oil-For- $1.5bn Loan Collateral: A Fraud Alert?

BY IFEANYI IZEZE That the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) went for a $1.5 billion (N240 billion) syndicated loan to help it pay debts for fuels already supplied was an obvious paradigm shift in managing the controversies and of course with the associated corruption from Nigeria’s over 80 percent dependence on imports for our domestic

Nasarawa: The Limits of Demagoguery

BY MARK NETO It appears some rabble rousers are not comfortable with the prevailing inter-party peace in Nasarawa State, hence their seemingly irrevocable resolve to puncture it though fair or foul means. Or how else does one explain the rationale behind the provocative article titled ”Nasarawa: Putting the Devil to Shame” (Leadership Friday, January 18,

corrupted government

Oil Derivation War and Prospect of Peace

Governors of the Niger Delta region, during the week, started mobilizing forces to quell the rising agitation by oil-producing communities for the Federal Government to stop paying 13 per cent derivation fund through state governments. Leaders of the oil communities in Niger Delta, under the aegis of Oil and Gas Producing Communities of Nigeria, have

Who is Short-changing the Nigeria Police?

The outcry that has greeted the surprise visit of President Jonathan to the Ikeja Police College, where he saw a hell of place and justified it, despite huge amounts of money pumped into the place and other police colleges in the country annually, was not surprising because the rot leaves much to be desired, writes

BREAKING NEWS: JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN claims responsibility of attacking Nigerian troops sent to Mali … Warns of more attacks

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful. All praise be to almighty Allah the helper of less privileged once, praise and blesses of Allah be upon his messenger the trustworthy, After that: We JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN are gladly informing the general public, especially those in the black Africa, that today being