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How our Publisher, Mal Tukur Mamu Escapes Assassination Attempt

On Friday 22nd March, 2013 gunmen numbering four invaded the corporate headquarters’ of Fuza Communication Services Limited, publishers of DESERT HERALD Newspaper and Magazine at No.2A Marnona Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna at about 5:15pm. The target of the assassins as demonstrated by them is the publisher, Tukur Mamu. They threatened the securityman at the main


Non-remittance of N143 Bn: Why House is at war with NNPC!

BY OHIA ISRAEL The crisis between the House of Representatives and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), over the non-remittance of N143 billion to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) as demanded by the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) 2007 has deepened. Trouble started when a Lawmaker accused the NNPC of non-remittance of revenue to the Consolidated

Presidential Pardon: Alamieyeseigha to go with his loot?

BY OUR CORRESPONDENT Former Bayelsa State governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, may be paid billions of naira, the value of the assets seized from him after his conviction for money laundering. President Goodluck Jonathan had granted Mr. Alamieyeseigha a presidential pardon, rendering the former Bayelsa State governor a freeman. While Mr. Alamieyeseigha was convicted, properties he acquired

Kwankwaso: A Governor I Knew Not

BY MOHAMMED DAHIRU AMINU The decision to write this short piece only came to me as a shot from the hip. It was a couple of days ago that I visited a friend of mine—Nafi’u Ibrahim—in Milton Keynes, who, like me, is a postgraduate student here in the United Kingdom. Somewhere between lunch and dinner,

Were We Duped?

A Hidden Aspect of Nigeria’s History I watched the video link below and it opened my eyes to Nigeria’s history in a way that no history book has been able to. I had grown up believing that the civilian politicians who ruled Nigeria from independence were incompetent and that somehow the soldiers that overthrew them

Crumbling Walls of Ancient Kano

Kano, right from its beginning, is a commercial town. This has helped in the rapid development of the city. It sprawls over a wide expanse of savannah land. Although the city has long taken a modern cosmopolitan hue, relics of the city’s past as the hub for commercial activities during the trans-Saharan trade still remain.

2015: How Jonathan can win over North

BY ZAYYAD MUHAMMAD There are strong indications that President Goodluck Jonathon has kick-started the political manoeuvers to pave his way to contest the 2015 presidential election. Just like the 2011 presidential election, Jonathan’s splitting headache would be northern Nigeria. But this time around with a major difference- the opposition parties would be more united. PDP’s

Jonathan is doing his Job

BY OKEYNDIBE Last week, the US government was so miffed by President Goodluck Jonathan’s pardon of several big-name Nigerian convicts – among them former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha – that its embassy in Nigeria issued a sharp rebuke. In a tweet, US diplomats in Abuja said they were “deeply disappointed” by Mr. Jonathan’s action. The tweet