2015 and PDP’s Arm-twisting Ploys!


The ruling PDP and its government, like a proverbial mad dog, are anxious to cling to power indefinitely and frantically,  resorting to immoral and dishonest means to actualize that inordinate ambition.


There is no doubt the impeachment of Adamawa State Governor, Admiral Murtala Nyako was a dangerous precedence which has also exposed the ruling PDP’s dirty strategies to destabilize some opposition  states in a desperate bid to win the forthcoming general elections. It is now chaos and confusion everywhere. In Nasarawa state it is threatening Al-Makura’s position by playing money politics and making vain promises of return tickets to confrontational lawmakers.


In Borno state Modu Sheriff is playing the distasteful role of a betrayer by instigating members of the Borno House of Assembly to desert the incumbent Governor, so he could easily be removed. Similarly, in Yobe the PDP is busy devising means of causing confusion that will cost Governor Ibrahim Geidam and his loyalists their seats. The same scenario is also unfolding in Edo State where the police have allegedly been pushing a plot to destabilize the state’s House of Assembly solely to ensure the exit of Governor Adams Oshiomhole. In Enugu state the Deputy Governor is under the sledge hammer of vindictive legislators. In fact, the PDP and its government are all out to muzzle the APC and render it impotent before the February 2015 elections.


The rising profile of the Alliance for Progressive Change, APC is certainly an irritation to the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP. It is wary because the APC is really poised to scatter its ambitions or render its goals for 2015 unattainable. As the PDP continues to persecute and frustrate the APC, its leadership became more resolute and untiring in its effort to cultivate large followings in all parts of the federation, an effort that had yielded positive result with the defection of five PDP governors that were hitherto embroiled in a vendetta with PDP leaders at the highest level of authority.


The PDP has strong muscles which it flexes uncontrollably to tame the audacious but vulnerable APC which has been a thorn in its susceptible flesh. It has on many occasions clamped down so hard on the unsuspecting members of the distressed opposition party and had immorally mobilized law enforcement agencies to victimize members of the opposition wherever they might be. Similar repressive measures have also been taken to scuttle the plans of the APC leadership and render it prostrate and powerless.


Nigerians are not happy with that development and have, as a result, lost hope and confidence in the capacity and ability of the PDP government to redeem its electoral promises and deliver the dividends of democracy. The masses of Nigerians have now found themselves in a situation that resulted in a humiliating loss of dignity and self-esteem brought about by confused and impracticable policies. These circumstances have been further exacerbated by widespread unrest, fostered by restive terrorists that induce intense feeling of fear, shock and disgust while the government which they expect to protect and deliver them from these evils has become hopeless due to an awfully purposeless leadership. Those supposedly at the helms of affairs turned out to be corrupt and disgustingly unpromising, thus incapable of suppressing any threatening problem at the initial stage of its development.


While all these depravities were progressing unimpeded, the masses, propelled by deep sense of patriotism and love for the nation, are commendably moving to rescue  it from factors responsible for stalling national development in the past fifteen years which have also been severely frustrating the interests of the people and jeopardizing their welfare. Nigerians yearn for strong and vibrant opposition parties which would generally be expected to provide the much awaited succor to the already pessimistic populace that is in dire need for positive change.


However, the PDP ruling party is jittery and uncomfortable with this development especially as it will provide the opposition with golden opportunity to muster the oppressed masses to exercise their franchise in voting it out of power in 2015 due to its dismal performance in office. Everyone knows that the answer to the myriad of problems caused by the inept PDP leadership in the country is the alternative promised by the emergence of a virile opposition which has the potentials to wipe out nasty evidences that tend to suggest that Nigeria is already a failed state.


What further buttresses the contention of Nigeria’s failing status has been the unrestrained spread of the wanton terrorist attacks to other parts of the country, and that is compounded by the evident failure of the government to stem the tide of the frightful crimes unleashed on the wretched masses. Nigerians are now fully aware of most atrocities committed in the country by the PDP government and are condemning, in strongest terms, the brazen impunity, indiscipline and other nefarious acts that negate the rule of law simply because it wants to return to power in 2015.  That’s why it is resorting to impeaching opposition governors so as to pave way for replacing them with PDP governors elected through dishonorable means.

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