2015: Why Bauchi Politicians must wake up!


Going by the political history of Bauchi state, as a state which has political antecedents in the country it would be a misnomer to disenfranchise and short change the electorate, writes Muhammad Babale
If one looks at the record of the political activities in Bauchi state from 1999 to date, the speed of political activities compared to 1999 to 2011 seems like Bauchi does not have serious contestants on ground, because some are waiting for directives from their godfathers.


Posters become like we are in the posters market, were posters and billboard are morethan half of the populace of the state. By mere looking, most of  the contestants  are not fully aware of what is Bauchi state today. Bauchi needs somebody who is courageous, discipline and transparent; who also has the state in his heart, not those kind of people who are only trying to advertise their self by pasten their poster in every nook and crannies of the state, some are even doing so in order to achieve their aims by using their posters.
Residents in Bauchi, complained about the posters within the metropolis, which has become like competition. “Bauchi state needs a visionery lesder,we need people who are dedicated and highly comitted by the state,not posters. And I will like to urge the good People of Bauchi state to vote wisely, so that they do not vote for the wrong candidate who does not have the state at heart.

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