2015: ZAMFARA Clips Senator Yarima’s POLITICAL Wings



The two strong men of Zamfara politics have been in conflict of
interest war. Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima and Hon. Bello Muhammad
Matawalle, the Chairman Committee on security and public safety, House
of Representatives, are at logger head over political supremacy. The
war between the two strong gladiators of Zamfara politics is leaving
no body in doubt that Zamfara west where the titanic duel is centered
is going to be very interesting.

The battle to the upper chambers of the National Assembly is a game as
the count down to the 2015 general election has began and both the
incumbent Senator, Ahmad Sani Yarima APC and Hon. Bello Muhammad
Matawalle PDP all in the National Assembly are putting on their armor
and wielding their weapons for the grand duel. Desert Herald beams its
search lights on them and investigated their strengths and weaknesses,
their merits and demerits.

The political war to the Senate has began and there is no doubt that
it will be a titanic clash of interest. Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima has
been on the seat since 2007 that he left Gusau Government House. But
what are his chances following some negative reports about him ranging
from his mobilizing 52 Islamic clerics to pray for President Good Luck
Jonathan which the Muslim Community did not view it right especially
when it was alleged that the President gave each of the 52 Islamic
clerics the sum of 10,000 U.S Dollars and was alleged that Yarima gave
them 7,000 U.S Dollars each pocketing 3,000 U.S Dollars from each of
the 52 Islamic clerics because the money came through the
controversial Senator. Again his case in the court of law over an
allegation that the Senator and 29 other top Zamfara government
officials attempted to rob the Chairman, Committee on ITC, House of
Representatives Ibrahim Shehu Gusau of N30 Million and tried to kill

Hon. Ibrahim Shehu Gusau since dumped APC and decamped to PDP even
though he did not win the governorship ticket of the party the
syndrome of dog eat dog has characterized Zamfara politics. The main
reason is that when ever there is Intra Party feud, it will pave way
for defection to other parties. The genesis of Senator Ahmad Sani
Yarima and Hon. Bello Muhammad Matawalle dispute was traced back to
2011 before Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari was anointed the defunct ANPP
governorship candidate.

But some of Senator Yarima’s loyalists said that Hon. Bello Muhammad
was advised by Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima to withdraw his governorship
ambition to pave way for Abdulaziz Yari to become the State Governor
which the advise did not go down well with Hon. Bello Muhammed
Matawalle and his supporters. That led to the fracas in the party that
Bello had to look some where else.

Yes, it is agreeable that both Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima and Hon.
Bello Muhammed are in command of serious respect but they did not use
their impeccable positions to promote their identity, party, society
and democracy rather they are using it to winding their distinguished
stand in the scheme of things and conquering one another to the
detriment of the society. It is the All Progressive Congress (APC) and
the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the conflicts of interest.

Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima spear headed the confusion in 2011 when he
threw his weight behind Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari, a situation that forced
Hon. Bello Muhammed and his loyalists to dump the defunct ANPP for
Senator Yarima and Abdulaziz Yari and ditch Yarima and Abdulaziz Yari
thereby preparing for political battle so supremacy. Hon. Bello
Muhammed Matawalle began to map out strategies to deny Senator Yarima
and his ANPP victory in the Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency since
the political tussle began in 2011.

The truth is that Hon. Bello Muhammed Matawalle has positioned himself
to fight both Senator Yarima and Governor Abdulaziz Yari to a stand
still. The feud has deepened as Hon. Bello vowed to revenge what
Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima did to him in 2011 when Yarima denied him
the chance when the defunct ANPP primaries drew nearer for the 2011
general election. Hon. Bello is moving seriously to pay Senator Yarima
in his own coin as the battle remained talk of the town in Zamfara
West Politics. It is believed that Hon. Bello Matawalle boasting to
deal with the Senator squarely may not be unconnected to the 52
Islamic Scholars the Senator took to Mr. President for prayers and the
condemnation of the action by the Muslim Community. It is in line with
their standing conflict that Hon. Bello planned to out-smart his
greatest rival.

The aides of both gladiators have confirmed to this medium that it is
going to be a grand duel as old record will be demolished and new ones
erected. Inside sources revealed that Hon. Bello Muhammed Matawalle is
very arrogant hence the struggle of acquiring power has many facets to
it which can marshal out a game plan said some supporters of Hon.

Hon. Bello Muhammed came to political lime light in 1998 when he
invested his time and resources to ensure that Ahmad Sani Yarima was
elected the first Executive Governor of Zamfara State. Though he
contested the 1999 Chairmanship of Maradun Local Government Council
but failed. When Ahmad Sani Yarima was sworn in as the State Governor
in May 1999, he created the State Ministry of Local Government and
Chieftaincy Affairs and appointed Bello Muhammed the first
Commissioner of the Ministry. A position he held until 2003 when he
contested election into the House of Representatives to represent
Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency on the platform of the defunct
ANPP and he won. Since 2003 to date, he has been defending his seat in
the lower chamber of the National Assembly. He had been Senator Ahmad
Sani Yarima’s political associate since 1998 until things fell apart
between them that the centre could not hold.

Even when Former Governor Shinkafi and his supporters decamped to the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in December 2008, Hon. Bello Matawalle,
Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima and the present Governor, Alhaji Abdulaziz
Yari were the only prominent figures left in the defunct ANPP.

Then Hon. Bello Matawalle declared his ambition to contest the
governorship which he said Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima agreed. According
to him Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari was very comfortable with his seat in the
House of Representatives, saying that there arose a misunderstanding
between him and Senator Yarima that the Senator decided to change his
mind on what he had earlier approved. He decided to give Alhaji
Abdulaziz Yari all the supports which Hon. Bello said forced him and
his supporters to decamp to the Peoples Democratic Party in 2011.

Hon. Bello said because of the dispute, he made sure that Senator
Ahmad Sani Yarima and his ANPP were not allowed to penetrate
Bakura/Maradun Federal Constituency as he won the election against
ANPP in 2011. History has made it very clear that since 1999, Yarima
has never won any election in the constituency even though Bakura is
Yarima’s home town. But Anka has always been PDP controlled area even
though Yarima was born in Anka. Gummi is noted to be PDP controlled
area also. Yarima is then left with Bukkuyum and Talata Mafara to save
himself from public embarrassment in the forth coming general
elections. But because of the amputation of a young man Alh. Lawali
Isah from Gummi, the people became afraid and as a result were forced
to vote for defunct ANPP.

But Bakura/Maradun Local Government Area have refused to shift ground.
And Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima and Hon. Bello Muhammed Matawalle have
also refused to forget their differences only to identify their
differences on a number of disputed issues.

Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima needs little or no introduction. He came to
political limelight in 2000 when he implemented the controversial
shariah that claimed lives and properties in their thousands in the
2000 Kaduna Mayhem and its aftermath in Aba, Umuahia, Owerri, Lagos,
Ibadan etc. Again the Senator declared his ambition for the Presidency
in 2007 on the platform of the defunct All Nigeria Poeples Party and
later stepped down for General Buhari on the agreement that his former
Attorney-General of the State and Commissioner for Justice, Barrister
Sani Muhammed Takori would relinquish his senatorial ticket to Yarima
and go for lower chamber of the National Assembly. That was how
Senator Yarima got a seat in the Senator since 2007. But this time may
not be easy for him as Hon. Bello is contesting the seat.

According to political analysis by pundits, Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima
may find himself in troubled waters. Gummi and Bukkuyum Local
Government Areas have been complaining that they have not been given
any chance to produce a representative in the Senate.

There son, Barrister Sani Mohammed Takori who is contesting the seat
to the House of Representatives has been assured by his people that
because of him PDP will not be put to shame. They said that Senator
Ahmad Sani Yarima who has been in the Senate since 2007 has not used
the senatorial allowance from the National Assembly to develop the
zone pointing out that Yarima’s political dynasty must be broken this

According to the political analyses, Senator Yarima only has
confidence in Talata Mafara Local Government out of six Local
Government that made up the senatorial zone. Majority agreed with the
political analysis by the pundits that the Senator may be fighting
unwinnable war. What ever be the case, a winner must emerge either
Senator Yarima retains his seat or Hon. Bello Muhammed Matawalle runs
away with victory. Time will tell.

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