As the First Lady, Hajiya Aisha Buhari rightly pointed out in the past, the Cabals led by a former banker and an old man from Daura hold her husband hostage, influencing every administrative decision and delineating their influence in all aspect of power, with the President virtually unable to check their plethoras. This is no doubt harmful to his adulated integrity and may ultimately render him a failed leader not only in the eyes of the millions of citizens that believe he can make Nigeria great again by voting him into office, but many other world leaders too that contributed immensely to ensure he emerged victorious in the last polls.

It is reliably touted that President Buhari has been hypnotized by the Cabals with some spiritual black magic by a group of sorcerers contracted to impede his reasoning, therefore making him absentminded to check the Cabal’s moral baggages. If President Buhari fails to overcome such damaging shortcomings making the Cabals more and more powerful by the day to the full glare of the world in his foreseeable second term (that is if the PDP fails to put its house in order), this will certainly damage whatever integrity or good image he has left by then.

Such abuse of power by the Cabals is not the only source of concern for a daint on President Buhari’s integrity, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), under Goodwin Emefiele for example, has made the Cabals billionaires overnight through fraudulent allocation of forex. The Cabals have sufficiently used and abused their influence, using all forms of blackmail against Emefiele at the inception of the administration and at a time when the CBN boss is not only desperate to retain his position but willing to do anything including harming the nation’s economy as it was done during the Goodluck Jonathan era if that will save him from possible prosecution from the Buhari they hitherto fear. It doesn’t take much time considering the corrupt tendencies characterized by consistent demands of the Cabals through the CBN for the then frighten and demoralized Mr. Emefiele to released and became relax that it is after all a business as usual under the Buhari he (Emefiele) was not expecting to survive the next 24 hours as the CBN governor. While he believes Buhari is not corrupt, Emefiele found weakness to explore in those controlling the conscience and reasoning of the president. He took maximum advantage in the Nigeria’s spirit of give and take. That was how Emefiele despite the glaring atrocities of the past miraculously survived Mr. Buhari’s hammer. At the heat of the recession, which DESERT HERALD believe became worse due to such fraudulent activities of the Cabals, some of them, including another bankrupt old man from Funtua were getting as much as N5 billion a week through such dirty allocation of forex from the CBN.

Certainly, the shrewd Emefiele wouldn’t have retained his coveted seat of CBN Governor in view of the many scandals of the bank under former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Interestingly, Emefiele did not only manage to retain his coveted seat of the CBN Governor but had so far escaped the fate the likes of Col Sambo Dasuki were subjected to for similar or even worse financial crimes. The same ‘arms fund’ Dasuki is being incarcerated for, Emefiele – a man who effected the payments through the vault of the CBN in the most fraudulent manner is today not only free but still retains his job because of the influence of the Cabals and his obedience to them.

Such grotty show of influence by the Cabals was also evident when the recruitment scandal that favours only the Cabals and their friends in a supposed government of CHANGE hit the CBN, the President couldn’t do anything about it despite the prolonged outcry from the public until the matter died a natural death like many other scandals that have rock this administration including the recent embarrassing case of forgery against the Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun. By maintaining his usual silence and demonstrating the highest form of executive rascality like in many other cases involving the untouchables, the president clearly wants the Adeosun saga to just die a natural death.

Looking further, the NNPC today is also under the grip of the Cabal, It’s an indisputable fact that the GMD, Maikanti Baru, is not an appointee of the President but a defacto appointee of the Cabals. DESERT HERALD can authoritatively reveal with empirical evidences that today’s NNPC is perhaps the most corrupt and non-transparent government institution in Nigeria. The Corporation under Baru has introduced a more sophisticated method of shortchanging the collective patrimony of Nigerians. Apart from the official figures, which is hugely misleading and untrue, nobody except the ‘owners’ of today’s NNPC knows exactly the total amount of crude being exported and how much it generates.

Another fraud at the NNPC that made many including the influential members of the Cabals billionaires is the Corporation’s highly fraudulent franchise of exporting crude for refining. That is why after over three years and despite many promises by the President, our refineries are still either under-performing or not performing at all. In Nigeria today, and never seen even during the infamous regime of Diezani Allison Madueke as the minister, certain powerful groups notably the Cabals allegedly have a share in each supply of crude oil.

The corruption galore of this administration doesn’t stop at the CBN and the NNPC alone, another front runner to the disturbing scenario of malversation in the country is the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) under Prof Umar Garba Danbatta. The NCC is another parastatal under the grip of the Cabals, who have turned it into their cash cow, asserting their influence, demonstrating their greed and insatiable appetite to amass wealth even to the detriment of the much talk about integrity of the President.

The initial $5.2 billion (over N1.6 trillion) fine enforced on MTN Nigeria, a subsidiary of a major multi-national telecomm company based in Johannesburg, South Africa by Danbatta’s NCC at the instance of President Buhari was reduced to a ridiculous sum of N300 billion which is less than $1 billion of the initial fine of $5.2 billion. DESERT HERALD can reveal that there is massive fraud in the questionable negotiations and approval of the negligible sum which was spearheaded by Danbatta, a minister, Adebayo Shitu and another overbearing member of the Cabal, the man with the red cap at the Presidency, whose duty is to convince the president to give the approval, which he did with so much ease.

An online medium had reported how the man with the red cap benefited from an initial gratification of a whooping N500 million from MTN for an approval job well done. The scandals at NCC with the Cabals playing a major part remains the same till date.

The biggest problem of the Buhari’s administration is his seemingly failure to control or at best limit the manipulative influence of the Cabals. They include a select group of family members under the old man from Daura, a retired ambassador from Borno, an ailing old man from Adamawa, the Funtua born billionaire, another billionaire old man from Zangon Daura and a host of others. A certain Musa (readers should find out his second name), a younger member of the Cabal for instance had recently collected N13 billion from certain individuals reportedly for the purpose of rehabilitating the extended family members of the President and DESERT HERALD can confirm that the President like several other instances is not even aware of how Musa defrauded his victims.

According to a reliable source close to the Presidency, those that reportedly gave Musa from N3 billion, N2 billion and N1 billion as ‘contribution’ include Aliko Dangote, Prof Umar Danbatta, Governors, Abdul’aziz Yari, Mohammed Abubakar, Aminu Tambuwal, Abubakar Badaru, Kashim Shettima and a serving Service Chief among others.

It was further revealed to DESERT HERALD by the source that Musa didn’t use the money for the intended purpose but he selected a few members of the President’s extended family and gave them a negligible N1 million each. It was with the proceeds of this fraud, he reportedly bought his N250 million Kaduna edifice at Unguwan Rimi, opposite former Royal Tropicana Hotel and a mansion in Dubai. And Musa is moving about with 4 exotic jeeps with full national security cover comprising of Police and DSS personnel.

The National Intelligence Agency, NIA, now under the defacto leadership of a member of the Cabals who is also a former Diplomat from Borno is also being grossly mismanaged and abused. DESERT HERALD has gathered that the NIA under its new Director General, Ahmed Abubakar, whose appointment was reliably reported to have been facilitated and influenced by the powerful Cabals has recently engage in a secret recruitment exercise.

Interestingly again, one of the beneficiaries of the NIA recruitment is the Personal Assistant (PA) and relative of the President, Sabiu Yusuf a.k.a Tunde. Tunde, who has not resign his position as the President’s PA did not even report the day the interview was done but he was nevertheless and as a formality interviewed separately two days later with an automatic offer of appointment said to be given to him. Such is Nigeria today under President Buhari.

DESERT HERALD is also fully aware that apart from benefiting from a highly inflated contract for the building of 500 units of houses for the IDPs in Borno and Yobe States (to the leader of the Cabals from Daura), all his children are now employed in ‘lucrative’ public offices. One of his children is the PA to the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, one is a PA to the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun and another is attached to CBN Governor, Goodwin Emefiele as his PA. What a shame!

The man with the red cap at the Presidency on his part has bought a house for his unmarried daughter in Abuja, secured a lucrative job for her at the Power Holdings Company, and despite her truant behaviour, he bought a car of N50 million for her. Such are the characters that surrounds the president today, preventing even his own immediate family to properly advise him. This is the only fear of Buhari’s possible second term presidency. Such weakness in a leader is not only harmful to him but a disaster to the nation. The choice is ours to make.
To be continued….



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