….As Kwankwaso probes political worth
Independent analysts are all unanimous in their assessment and conclusions that since the presidential campaigns for 2019 begun, there has never been so massive and convincing crowd from all the major political parties than the campaign rally of Atiku Abubakar in the ancient city of Kano today.
Due to massive and unprecedented crowd, it took the convey of Atiku and Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso whose wide acceptability in Kano won the crowd for Atiku more than four hours to reach the Sani Abacha stadium venue of the event, as a result the event could not commence as earlier scheduled. Both the inside and out of the stadium are full to capacity as the chant of Atiku, Kwankwaso overwhelmed everywhere. It explains the political suicide President Buhari did in allowing the likes of Kwankwaso to decamped to the PDP out of frustration.
Already, the successful campaign rally which is more than the turnout for President Buhari in Lagos yesterday has sent shock and deep feelings of uncertainty in the APC presidential campaign with some pundits already lamenting the political blunder of allowing the likes of Kwankwaso to leave without a compromise, a political bargain which could have save the current pressure on the ruling APC. The incumbent Kano State Governor, Mr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje whose popularity significantly dropped after going separate ways with his hitherto political godfather, Kwankwaso while his chances for a desperate second term ambition became too slim and highly uncertain when the bribery video that convincingly cut him receiving bribes in hard currencies, is now in a state of confusion after it became very clear by today’s gathering of the PDP that winning the gubernatorial election he is working hard and spending so much for will be as difficult as the head of a camel passing through the eye of a needle as long as there is free and fair elections. If today’s gathering is anything to go by, the APC as a family will have to go back to the drawing board if it’s not late. The Kano state government has reportedly spent about N1b during the recent APC presidential campaign rally to woo people to the venue but could not gather what Kwankwaso singlehandedly earned for the PDP today.
DESERT HERALD has noticed virtually everybody wearing the symbolic red cap within and outside the stadium signifying and confirming Kwankwaso’s dominance in Kano politics. Pundits averred that it is this expected large turnout that initially made Gov Ganduje to shutdown the stadium for Atiku only for the governor to reversed his decision due to intense pressure accusing him of political intolerance and for being afraid to confront the challenges of Kwankwaso’s popularity and the impression of a likely large turnout will give to President Buhari and his (Ganduje’s) ambition for second term.


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