A word for Kebbi Gov-elect Bagudu


By Malami Maibindiga

For me, a governor elect, in the circumstances that we are today, does not deserve to be congratulated, on the basis of victory in an election. It is on this basis that I will rather pity the Governor elect of Kebbi state, Alhaji  Abubakar Atiku Bagudu.

Firstly, becoming a governor, a Muslim, in a corruption-laden country like Nigeria, is to say the least, ominous. A governor is sworn in by the Holy Qur’an, and he will swear, to among other promises, rule without fear or favor, even when, inside him, the governor knows that it is near impossible for him to rule without favoring his wife or wives, his children or other relations, his close friends or other kitchen cabinet associates as the case may be. While this topic is fit to be discussed more intensely and on its own merit another day, I hasten to say that the emergence of Atiku Bagudu as Governor of Kebbi state should, ordinarily be a source of happiness for the entire people of the state,
because it has broken many unpalatable and backward jinxes. To begin with, this is the first time Kebbi is, since inception in 1991 breaking away from the stranglehold of a cabal of some very corrupt ex-customs officers.

Secondly, this is the first time a governor is emerging from within the core Birnin Kebbi town. On the basis of these two achievements, I will like to send my heartfelt felicitations to the good people of Kebbi state for this singular doggedness and uncommon sense of mission exhibited by a people who are desirous of change in the true sense of the word.

I must however stress the fact that even with this hard earned victory, Kebbi state is still under the menacing grip of its enemies, as represented by the cabal of political hawks and retrogressive elements headed by no other person than the outgoing Governor, Alhaji Sa’idu Nasamu Dakingari, a man who has mastered the ignominy of treating the people of Kebbi state through the prism of the difficulty, the hunger and the despondency of his own upbringing. Since he assumed office, by default, and through the self serving instrumentality of Alhaji Adamu Aliero in 2007, Dakingari has become more of a bull in a China shop and has been busy destroying what remained of the caricature of his legacy, rather than becoming a statesman by handing over the state intact and in good shape.

Every action he took, since the historic defeat, and regardless of the apparent good intention is programmed to fail rather than succeed. Instead of Dakingari to be remorseful due to the damage he has done to the state, he is now trying to destroy Kebbi state just because he is due to handover to an incoming Government on the 29th of May 2015. He has literally gone bananas, just like handing over a loaded automatic rifle to a mad man, intent on bringing down the roof over the head of the people of the state, all on a mission to make life difficult and unbearable for the incoming administration; the typical and legendary Dakingari impiety, malice and evil. He does not care that he will have to account for the evil he has done in his eight years in office, not to talk of the open malevolence, ill will and spite he is deliberately exhibiting against the incoming administration of his successor who emerged through a fair and free election.


Two years ago, a total number of 4000 secondary school teachers were interviewed for possible and immediate employment, but it was put on hold when Dakighari realized that the state could ill-afford the burden due to fiscal encumbrances. Dubiously and mischievously, the 4000 teachers were handed over their employment letters and asked to report for duty now. The state Polytechnic, Dakingari, an institution of little consequence at this material time, which was built not on the basis of empirical need, but on pure nepotism, is also primed to have its academic and non academic staff employed at this nadir hour.

The Kalgo township main road that has been begging for attention but was neglected in the entire 8 years of the life of the Dakingari administration was also awarded and paid for, in a manner that suggests ill feeling and malice, in another attempt to, by all means, tie down the hands of the incoming administration.


The two billion Naira initially earmarked for loan disbursement to traders and small scale businessmen in order to improve their well being and businesses, was hurriedly diverted and a decision has already been taken by Dakingari to the affect that the Two Billion Naira will now be shared to PDP members only as unprotected loan. PDP members have been grouped into polling units, wards and local governments and will soon be paid. It means in affect that the outgoing government has launched a project to spend money at will with the mindset not to give the incoming government a lifeline with which to start up.


The Dakingari administration is notorious for purchasing or taking custody and hoarding of materials for distribution to targeted group of the poor people of Kebbi State. In the last few years, thousands of Keke NAPEP have been brought but hoarded at various places including inside the government houses where they have gathered dust and cobwebs, only for the clueless government of Dakingari to shamelessly commence hurried distribution, not to those who were targeted, those in true need of them, but to only PDP members across the state; the mischief and wickedness in the intent, written all over, to destroy and splatter also unmistakable.


The news in Kebbi today is that the state House of Assembly has commenced impeachment proceedings against the Governor and one of the points raised in the notice of impeachment was the award of a N700M contract for the renovation of the Government House Birnin Kebbi. The contract was given some years ago, but as at this point that Dakingari had few weeks to go, no job worth Ten Million Naira was executed, a case of pure kleptomania. In the same impeachment charges also was a case of N500M meant to host President Jonathan on a purported visit that was cancelled, without the money being returned.


The need to give Birnin Kebbi, the state capital befitting treatment in the area of infrastructure is one area the incoming administration must probe immediately and seriously. This man had the audacity to start and finished massive township road construction in his landlocked underdeveloped town of Dakingari where roads have been built even on paths where only cows lazily wander, but is so wicked to, cantankerously and ill-intentionally start same in Birnin Kebbi and abandoned work when only death traps have been excavated. Billions have gone into this phony road construction, yet as at last week, the company has closed shop and has moved men and machinery out of town. Many people have died as a result of accidents caused by these death traps, yet work has stopped with less that 30% of work done. Birnin Kebbi is Nigeria’s most abused and most backward state capital and Dakingari is the man who superintended this sorry state of affairs.

The APC too, has complained that Dakingari has refused to, few weeks to the end of his government institute a transition committee even when the APC has long announced the composition of its own, in preparation for the process of handing over and taking over. He has flatly refused to link up with the governor-elect, no communication, not even a shout on how to ensure a smooth transition. By implication, there will be no formal handover of liabilities, staff strength, debt profile, financial position and others. How Atiku Bagudu handles this open affront and disrespect for him and the people of Kebbi by an ungrateful misfit will determine how well or bad he starts his job.

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