Abuja monumental Rip Off: FCT Minister in deep trouble!



·      Why Mamu’s allegations mustn’t be ignored


The ongoing saga between Tukur Mamu, Publisher and Editor-in Chief of Desert Herald Newspaper has gone virile.

Mustapha Usman from Birnin Kebbi has this to say: “I’m an ardent reader of DESERT HERALD and other Newspapers. I hardly miss editions of DESERT HERALD just like I did during the hay days Hotline magazine of the Magajin Rafin  Kotangora fame. When I read Mamu I remember Hotline,” Usman said, and added that “those things Mamu is saying about the embattled FCT Minister, Senator Bala Muhammad, are  concrete  truth and  only people like Mamu can fearlessly  unearth the truth and feed the public.”

He pointed out that the life threats issued by Bala should not be ignored, adding that he belongs to the cabal of those who have no value for human life,
stressing that Bala is among those that can go out of their ways to achieve something no matter how devilish such is. He applauded the courage of Mamu for facing such a monstrous human being like Bala Mohammed, adding that he was not surprised that Mamu travelled out of the country for safety because the likes of Bala can do everything to stop the spread of truth which he said Mamu is doing.

Mustapha urged other journalists and publishers to emulate Mamu, stressing that his style of journalism is the best in the country because it helps immensely to correct the wrong doings of our leaders, and Mamu does it objectively without bias.

In a similar development one Ahmad Aliyu met DESERT HERALD’S Haruna at Bello Way news stand and he offered to speak on the issue.  Ahmad said Bala does not deserve a settlement, saying that allowing people like him to settle amounts to danger and more devastating corruption. He added that if his son can flaunt wealth in such reckless manner how much did his father loot?” To me, Ahmad said, Buhari must probe him because if Bala and Co. go free, then Buhari ‘s  integrity is on the line and that will rubbish his fight against corruption.

Ahmad mentioned those to be probed to include Diezami, Ngozi and a host of other corrupt leaders.
Ahmad said he was angered when he heard that Bala took all his family members abroad during March 28 presidential polls, buttressing further that had it been the polls became bloody Bala will run and leave behind his extended family and other Nigerians.

However, a public commentator and analyst, Zaki Yaro Kalgo, described Mamu as the best journalist as far as he is concerned, adding that people like Mamu are treasures that must be guarded. Yaro said Bala must be made to face the full wrath of the law, because whatever Mamu writes “I’m sure Buhari reads it, and I hope will act by arresting and prosecuting Bala and his lieutenants,” he concluded.


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