By Dr. Idris Ahmed.
Fellow compatriots, yesterday night, I posted a request asking anyone of us who is on ground in Zaria to go to Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) and take photos of the dilapidated buildings and equipment. The response we received was immediate and impressive. So many of you offered to do the job for free, despite me offering to pay all expenses upfront. So, thank you very much for taking risk to serve Nigeria. God bless you all. Amen.

It transpired that just a couple of weeks ago, Abbas Bamalli compiled an impressive list of images of the hospital, exposing how disastrously things have deteriorated. Clearly, in civilised world where human lives are valued for what they are, this hospital would not even be used to keep animals, let alone human beings. Attached are the original Bamalli’s pictures. God bless Abbas Bamalli for this wonderful effort. Amen.

According to Bamalli, the actual structures of the buildings are falling apart. Roofs are leaking everywhere, including wards. If the FG will not do anything about it, Bamalli called on the good people of Zaria to mobilise their resources and take ownership of the hospital or else our people will keep on dying due to negligence and lack of adequate facilities.

A commentator wrote on Bamalli’s wall, “The hospital has no light for months. Sometimes, patients have to contribute money to put on power. You have to know someone, before you will be attended to because the doctors have to attend to their various private clinics. Wallahi, I was in accident and emergency on 22nd-23rd of September, 2018, around 2.00 am, one woman was shouting and screaming, till she gave up her life, without being attended, and the nurses were there at that time.”

Bamalli said, “If we take a look at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, you will understand what we are talking about. That is a more befitting hospital where you see a serene environment and functional facilities. The people of Kano took ownership of the hospital by assisting the hospital with different kinds of facilities. The elites and business men/women of Kano assisted the hospital to build structures ranging from wards, laboratories, theaters, CT scan machines, MRI Machines and many more. What is happening to our own elite and leaders from Zaria and by extension Kaduna State?”

“The management of the hospital must be called to account for all the monies they have been collecting from the government. We should ask some critical questions on how did the hospital get to this situation of neglect. We all know when the present day hospital was commissioned just 13 years ago, but today the hospital looks like an old Nigerian itself.”

“Almost everything is not working in the hospital, apart from the hardworking staff that are trying their best to help with the little they can.”

“We are calling on the Federal Government through the Ministry of Health to look into the condition of ABUTH Zaria with immediate effect. We are also calling on all stakeholders to look at the situation of the hospital and salvage it.”

Another commentator wrote on Bamalli’s wall that since the end of tenure of Prof Abdulmumini Hassan Rafin Dadi as Chief Medical Director (CMD), no meaningful project was carried out.

Apparently, the current CMD is also a Hausa man from Birnin Gwari LG of Kaduna State. Bamalli wrote, “We don’t care if he is Hausa, Angas, Ikulu, Igbo or anybody else for that matter, all we want is a functional hospital.”
May God save Nigeria and Nigerians.


  1. Most of the ABUTH staff are corrupt and knows how to extort money from patients only. Eye Clinic is a clear example, I went there last month for my eye glasses. I paid 1,250 for card and glass test,after the nurses (who seems to gang up on exploiting patients) and the lense seller,told me to pay 7000 through hospital’s payment centre and give them 15,000 cash for my lenses. And that was the lense I never collected,I decided to go to Gambo Sawaba for fair and transparent treatment. One of the bad staff at the eye clinic ABUTH with her old pregnancy,which I believed she must have been put to bed now. And in January 2017,a lot of patients died in the hospital because of lack of gas for patients using oxygen. The MRI machine is not functioning and anytime you called the numbers displayed almost every where in the hospital doesn’t help at all.


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