Rawan Yan Mata, Na gaba ya koma baya, is a popular Hausa adage. The adage is associated with women forward backward dance movement. The adage can be situated with the current political impasse over the leadership of the Africa’s most populous political party, the Peoples Democratic Party in Adamawa State.
The party in the state has been in turmoil in the past five months with two opposing camps within the rank of the party claiming that they are the ones in control. These two camps are each being controlled by big wigs-the National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Mohammed Bamanga Tukur and Governor Murtala Nyako.
The camp of the National Chairman had Chief Joel Madaki as the state Chairman, while the camp of Governor Murtala Nyako is still insisting that Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama is the State Chairman of the party. Each camp is that it is the authentic leadership in control of the party in the state.
The claim and counter-claim over the leadership of the PDP in the state is so fascinating to the people of the state, who keep sealed lips watching and then listening to the sounds of the beating drums.
What really makes it so fascinating is that today, one heard Chief Joel Madaki singing the lyrics that he is the authentic Chairman of the party in the state, while the next day, Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama is singing different lyrics claiming that he is the recognized Chairman.
The enormity of the faux pas over the claim on the leadership of the party in the state is making a lot of people to have inkling, that there is no end to the leadership impasse.
So far, the leadership tussle in the Peoples Democratic Party in the state has fertilized a strong distrust among the supporters of the party with each trading words and mudslinging with those in favour of Chief Joel Madaki using the private radio station Gotel Radio owned by the former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, and those in favour of Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama using the state-owned ABC.
Infact, due to the number of people that are disenchanted with the leadership of Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama, who in one way or the other were sidelined by Governor Murtala Nyako after dissipating their energy, resorted to using the private Radio Gotel whose ethical values is to accord each and every one the equal opportunity to air their views. This does not go well with the camp of Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama, who penultimate week, had to personally chastise the radio during a press conference he called to
intimate the public that he was the one recognized by the National leadership of the party.
This was after the private radio station interviewed the Secretary of the Chief Joel Madaki faction of the party, Barrister AT Shehu, on a statement making the rounds that Chief Joel Madaki was denied entry into the meeting in Abuja because the letter of invitation of the meeting was delivered to Alhaji Mijinyawa Kugama instead of Chief Joel Madaki. He said the letter was actually was meant for Chief Joel Madaki but unknown to them it was delivered to a wrong hand.
The sheer display of rawan yan mata, as the Hausa would say, in the Peoples
Democratic Party in Adamawa State has reached a crescendo, such that the
national leadership and any other person or group it may concern is required to actually come and tell the people of Adamawa State who is the authentic Chairman of
the party in the state.
Santuraki, a Public Affairs Commentator, writes from House No74, Tafida Street

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