Alleged Fraud at Kaduna Revenue Board: Gov Yero Fingered!

  • How Kaduna can generate N5b monthly!

By Our Roving Correspondent

Governor Ramalan Yero of Kaduna state is in the news again with worse allegations of fraudulent award of contracts to his cronies and at the same time allegedly pocketing the state’s internally-generated revenue.

The Ahmed Usman-led Kaduna Revenue Board, according to DEDSERT HEAERLD findings, generates between N800m to 1bn monthly, a good chunk of which goes into the deep private pockets of Governor Ramalan Yero and his henchmen. A source close to the Board hinted that the 7% of the monthly total generation usually shared among staff for dedication to duty is now on hold on the orders of Gov Yero who is currently mopping the state to fund his governorship campaign

Insiders accused the Accountant-General of the state Mr A. Shekari of teaming up the executive to milk Kaduna state, an accusation which seems to hold water, considering the fact that money can only be remitted by the Accountant General.

“They know what they doing in the accountant-general’s office. They connive with the governor to short-change the state. With the right policies, Kaduna can generate five billion naira monthly”, disclosed a staff who pleaded for anonymity.

DESERTHERALD investigations revealed that Kaduna indigenes and residents groaning under the Gov Yero administration because it is making no meaningful impact on the lives of the people. Yet the revenue generation has continued to appreciate while government’s presence and intervention in critical sectors sufferer amidst huge mismanagement and corruption.

Despite the rich and formidable revenue sources in the state, Kaduna under Governor Yero is suffering serious neglect as the once acclaimed headquarters of Northern Region is now a shadow of its past with dilapidated infrastructure, lingering water scarcity, dwindling educational and health systems, insecurity in the suburbs of the southern parts and a crumbling sates of various industries.

Watch for details of how internally-generated revenue is shared and diverted into private pockets in Kaduna State, next week


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