Anticipated presidential poll result fall out: PDP’s ‘Hidden Agenda’ exposed!

  • ‘better for Nigeria to break or for a coup than for buhari to be president- okupa’s Aid

By Our Correspondent

Disturbed by the general acceptability of General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and his determination to restore the lost glory of Nigeria in the comity of nations including a fierce battle against corruption and a thorough probe if necessary of those who swindled the government that has sent fears into crooks, clowns and rogues that continue to steal public funds with impunity hiding under the guise of politics, nemesis caught one Deji Adeyanju working in the office of the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the president, Doyin Okupe to have made a sterling revelation of what Nigerians should expect after the February 14 presidential election should General Buhari thrash Jonathan of the PDP. Deji who portrayed himself as one of those rogues mistakenly occupying a sensitive position in the presidency, was quoted on the Blackberry Messenger, BBM as saying “Buhari can never be President of Nigeria. Quote me any day, any time. Instead of Buhari to become President of Nigeria, Nigeria would rather break. A military coup will even be allowed than Buhari to become president of a democratic Nigeria quote me any day, any time”.

Discerning minds believe the contents of the quotation must have been worked out in collaboration with the office Deji works or was leaked out to Deji who mistakenly made it public to please his masters that are already jittery and planning escape routes into exile should Buhari defeat their Jonathan as alleged.

In one of such allegations, a serving minister who is a leading sycophant in the Jonathan administration is said to have purchased a mansion in a highbrow area of London where he has since relocated his family from his official residence in Abuja.

Other jittered crooks in the Jonathan administration are alleged to have arranged their escape routes to UAE, Singapore and other choice cities around the world to seek for asylum than to face the rigors of thorough probe should Jonathan suffer defeat which is expected.

Alli-son Dakuku, an industrialist based in Abuja said, “Buhari is an honorable gentleman that Nigeria desperately needs to clear the mess using his military background but those who ruined the country are in control of power. They have filthy money to throw about and confuse the ignorant but we need Buhari this time around. Look at how our resources are plundered and fronts made billionaires over night. Even pimps and touts are now advisers in government. The rot is unbearable”, he said.

Despite the glaring evidence on ground for Jonathan’s defeat in the February 14 presidential election necessitated by his cluelessness and insensitivity to burning issues of national importance, the presidency from what Deji posted on the BBM, shows it has concluded arrangements to cause chaos and anarchy unless Jonathan is declared the winner of the election even against the wish of the majority.

PDP and the Jonathan presidential campaign organization has of recent occupied more of its time making desperate attempts to discredit the hard earned reputation of APC presidential flagbearer, General Muhammadu Buhari ostensibly for cheap political gain.

As expected from one of those newly recruited wild dogs in the presidency, Femi Fani Kayode who is saddled with the responsibility of media propaganda for the Jonathan campaign organization, in the absence of any tangible allegation, got occupied with trivial issues to remain relevant.

Femi Fani Kayode to those that are ignorant of his back ground is the son of the late Chief Betrayer of the defunct Western Region, Chief Remi Fani- Kayode who betrayed the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo in Action Group of the first republic and repeated same betrayal in 1982 in the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) before defecting to the ruling National Party of Nigeria, NPN.

As a by-product of a betrayer, Femi is expected to dish out more insults and abuses in collaboration with the likes of Olisa Metuh and Doyin Okupe on the respected Buhari. Those holding the propaganda machinery of Jonathan have no credibility to protect other than remain where corruption thrives.

For instance, instead of Femi and his co-travelers to address issues of national importance to convince Nigerians on the eligibility of their candidate, in the absence of any, they resorted to their usual trade of cheap blackmail bordering on Buhari’s credentials and his stewardship as PTF chairman.

Femi should be bold to tell Nigerians the where about of NNPC missing $20billion and why the promised forensic audit report has not been made public if at all there was any. Why the Jonathan administration failed to rescue the Chibok secondary school girls abducted since April 2014 despite several promises by the President himself including a claim of knowing the location of the girls. Why did the President direct his ministers and other political office holders not to honor invitations from the National Assembly to answer burning questions until after obtaining clearance from his office and why was Diezani Alli-son Madueke the petroleum minister who allegedly squandered over $10million public funds globe-trotting for personal pleasure and still retained and supported to continue?

Femi should tell Nigerians if Jonathan is proceeding on his exile as he promised for failing to complete the 2nd Niger Bridge before the elections. And why is corruption comfortable and protected in the Jonathan administration and those accused shielded against justice? Does that prove the allegation that the body language of President Jonathan is corruption and sensible Nigerians expected to re-elect such a person?

In his letter to Femi Fani-Kayode entitled “The moral burden of a spokesman” of recent, Lagos lawyer Festus Keyamo stated that, “I have just read the diatribe of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode against me in reaction to my submission in my earlier release of Sunday, January 18, 2015, that the president has no single aversion to corruption by appointing him as spokesman for his campaign organization when he is facing corruption charges in court.

Keyamo said permit me the immodesty to say that I have a rich history of engaging the authorities, taking on the high and mighty, and confronting governments on issues of corruption, maladministration and the rule of law.

Besides, I speak for millions of voiceless Nigerians who listen daily to the falsehoods, barefaced lies and chicanery of the likes of Femi when they defend the indefensible”.

While in Sokoto penultimate Monday, President Jonathan said he does not hate the North and that was why he built 10 of his 14 universities in the north. If we are to believe the claim, were those universities built specifically for northerners only or only located in the north to educate all Nigerians? Let the President tell the north how many of their people were provided job opportunities or engaged as consultants against insurgency as the case with the Tompolos in Niger Delta. How many of those textile industries in Kaduna were reactivated and those industries in Kano as he promised in 2011 and why as the nation’s Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces it took him 16 days before he believed Chibok school girls were truly abducted?

Was Jonathan not playing politics with the insurgency as he once described the group as faceless but still appointed committees to liaise with the faceless group? What was the essence of appointing those committees other than squander of public funds on a kangaroo assignment? What of the case of those innocent artisans brutally killed at Apo Legislators quarters on false information? What of the case of those innocent applicants killed at the immigration job scam? Are these not enough to be addressed by Femi and his cohorts in the dirty job?

Not done, Jonathan said his administration will subsidize fuel but that mouth watering statement, Nigerians are yet to get the subsidized fuel. He promised to cut the subsidy by 50 percent from January 1, 2015.

But to sense minds, if Nigerians were enjoying any subsidy when the price of crude was $120 per barrel, common sense shows that the subsidy, if any at all must have gone by the time crude price became $70. Today, it is less than $45.

As the crooks we all know them to be, in the 2015 budget, they made an allowance for subsidy to the tune of N980billion and the compromised National Lawmakers never questioned or removed a dime from their N150billion budgetary allocation as they debated the budget.

Time and again, Jonathan has proved that fuel subsidy never existed. It is money embezzled and partly used for elections, purchase of private jets, charter of aircrafts for globetrotting, purchase of arms for “militants and insurgents” and refreshing Swiss bank accounts. In the history of independent Nigeria, no government has been as cruel to its people like the Jonathan led-government. It is inept, clueless and remote-controlled by rogues and crooks.

Barrister Lawal Ibrahim of Bauchi State APC headquarters wondered how Deji summoned the courage to make such a frightening story without a strong support backing him, “Whoever that Deji may be, that was a patriotic statement that should be a reference point. It is either the PDP has perfected its rigging plans or it has already planned with a section of the military to take over should Buhari defeat Jonathan. Part of the statement says, “A military coup will even be allowed”. In that case, who is to allow the military coup? Who usual allows a military coup? These are few questions Deji should provide answers” he said.

Muhammed Yusuf Rakis, a political analyst was of the opinion that should any military coup take place after the February 14th presidential election, Deji should be the first casualty.

“That was too an expensive statement coming from a person working directly in the office of the president. President Jonathan should direct security agencies to authentic the source of the disturbing statement and act appropriately. Ideally, Deji should by now be a guest of the DSS for questioning as his alleged statement is capable of truncating the democracy and unity of the country. What of if President Jonathan defeats Buhari should there be a military coup or a break of the federation? There are those in the Buhari camp that nurse similar ideas but only waiting for time. Deji should be brought to book immediately. Northerners are frustrated and marginalized in the Jonathan administration but only being tolerant and waiting to explode. Once northerners explode as Dukubo, the end of the federation is at sight” he opined.

Comrade Chindo Audu a former students’ union leader had a different view to express.

According to him, if there are those stationed to strike a coup, let them be prepared for the worst as Buhari will surely defeat Jonathan and Nigerians shall resist any coup attempt; days of fear and threats are over as Nigeria needs change from inept leadership spiced with greed and sharp unabated corrupt practices to prosper. As for the break of the federation, we wait for the whistle”, he said



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