APC’s Change Slogan: Can Buhari Bell the cat?


Before President Buhari emerged from the valley of the shadow of political battle, he did not make any promise that he would heal the shackles of wounds and woes that have been inflicted on Nigeria by the Jonathan-led PDP overnight, writes IFEANYICHUKWU NWANNAH

Though some see President Muhammadu Buhari as a messiah who has come to rescue Nigeria from a long decay and a political wizard who has the capacity to reorganize our derailed political journey, whatever be the reason of bringing the Daura born General to power again, the country
remains undoubtedly sick.
The federal law makers are not helping issues either because over 90 percent of them are not there for national interest rather they are interested in self aggrandizement. Indirectly they are sucking the
blood of the economy.
They know this, that the economic progress of this country is in shamble. They are after the 9million wardrobe allowance, some pretend that they can sacrifices theirs but go back to collect the money
without caring about the plight of the masses who brought them to the national Assembly through their votes. These are some of the issues that can enjoy generous discussion and copious space.
Many are not impressed with the jumbo pay of the law makers and the people of their constituencies are suffering for that considering the way they turned law making around in their stewardship.
In the previous Assemblies, how many of the national Assembly members utilized their constituency allowances judiciously. Stories about their failure are being told all over. But during campaign periods
almost every politician has been saying he or she was called by his people to come and serve yet they are not capable of managing national affairs more properly especially issues relating to resource control which is the biggest issues that shapes in decision not only make them to venture into politics but specifically into the national Assembly.
In fact people are not satisfied with the federal law makers perception of their role. They seem to have perception of their jobs as one of making money. No useful social policies emanating from the national Assembly. It is a pity that some of them are very much concerned with matters of protocol than they are with the predicament of the masses.
No better legislative activities.
According to most of the people interviewed by this medium, nothing has shaken the law makers about the present economic woes facing the country. But God high wire intrigues and the people votes did it for Muhammadu Buhari. That same Nigerians that voted the law makers are still the ambassadors of change and they are the decisive gurus who have the power to recall any law maker back to his or her constituency. A wind of change must blow so that the law makers can know why they were elected to be the voice of the people in the national Assembly.
In Zamfara state for instance, it was only Senator Sahabi Ya’u Kaura who used his constituency allowance for the purpose it was meant for. He touched the health, education sectors and skill acquisition.
Another law maker of his kind was Engineer Ibrahim Shehu Gusau, the former chairman, committee on ICT in the House of Representatives who represent Gusau/Tsafe in the 7th Assembly. He bought sewing machines and generators for 20 women in each of the 14 Local Government Areas
of the state.
In addition to that he established Gusau industries where people are gainfully employed, established ICT centre in Gusau where the youth learn about information technology aimed at bringing global village and businesses on our finger tips by learning how to connect people to
the world.
These have however reduced the rate of unemployment in the constituency. But ask other federal law makers from the state where they kept all their constituency allowances? Of course, in their private bank accounts. Most of them are still law makers by crook or other ways. It is a high time we tell our selves the truth. The truth still remains that in Nigerian, people see politics as the easiest and
quickest way to get rich quick. No two ways about that.
The just inaugurated federal law makers are going contrary to the promise they made to those who elected them that they will revive the decaying problems of Nigeria and bring the dividends of democracy to their door steps, if voted into power. They pretended to have loved their constituencies but now Nigerians are crying out against the jumbo pay to the law makers amounting to N9 billion. Then are the law makers up right?
In 2010, the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor now the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi made a very significant revelation when he said that over 25 percent of Nigerian’s income was consumed by the federal legislators putting it to N290 million spent in maintaining only one federal law maker while there are a lot of communities that are not drinking portable water, many government hospitals have no drugs, abject poverty consuming the souls of many common masses.
Mathematically, Nigeria law makers stand as the highest paid
legislators in the whole university no doubt about that yet they claim to be working for their people. Even common sense can dictate that this is one of the numerous reasons why Nigeria is economically
In an effort to solve the problems of Nigeria, late president Musa Yar’Adua came out with what he described as seven points agenda. After him Mr. Good luck Jonathan came up with his nine points agenda but of all these none of them could fight Nigeria’s problem to a standstill. Now President Muhammadu Buhari is coming out with three points agenda, one is to fight insecurity to a standstill, two is to deal with corruption and to improve the Nation’s economy.
Some Nigerians who granted interview to our reporter noted that if President Muhammadu Buhari can address these three points agenda as he promised then he has solved all the problems affecting the country,
pointing out that everything rests on these three points agenda. Statistics have shown that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Where it was alleged that the immediate past
minister of petroleum resources Mrs. Diesani Allison Madueke embezzled a huge sum of 80 billion dollars. This is a woman who claimed to be a sacred cow, who even refused to appear before various
committees set up to investigate missing monies of Nigeria under her ministry. These committees include committees set up by the National Assembly, the highest law making body in the whole country. Corruption is also deeply rooted in the power sector. It is widely believed that constant power supply can create jobs for millions of people and reduce abject poverty in the society just as it is said
that it is very imperative to the industrial development of any society.
Findings also revealed that between 1999 – 2007, Nigeria government under former President Olusegun Obasanjo spent over 3 million US dollars on national integrated power project which did not produce any beneficial result to Nigerians. Most of the foreign investors who left the country to countries like south African, Ghana etc because of epileptic power supply have started to return back to the country immediately president Buhari was sworn into office.
According to the permanent secretary of ministry of mines and powers,before President Muhammdu Buhari assumed office, power output dropped from 4,500 mega watts to 2,800 mega watts. But it is beginning to pick up now that Nigerians are no longer complaining even though there is no constant power supply but there is improvement in the sector.

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