The Nigerian constitution (1999) has clearly spelt out the expected
roles and functions of every Legislative member at both federal and
state level. Among these constitutional roles of legislatures
includes,  making the laws, checkmating the activities of both
Executives and Judiciary respectively, passing of Bills and signing
Bills into law among others.
At both Federal and State levels, the case in not different, and every
elected member is expected to represent the interest of his
constituency and also provide some empowerment and developmental
programmes where necessary. In Bauchi, the case is quite different
where most members, especially those serving for the second term, are
being accused for diverting constituency projects for their personal
Hon. Saleh A. Dumba, a two term representative of his constituency at
Bauchi State House of Assembly and also a Deputy Speaker, is expected
to use his vast legislative experiences by providing constituency
based projects for the  wellbeing, progress and development of his
constituency. But unfortunately, there have been several attempt by
his constituents to recall him back on the ground of incompetence and
being a bench warmer in the State Assembly for the past seven years.
There have been speculations in his constituency, where the deputy
speaker comes from,  by well meaning and patriotic indigenes that the
constituency has never produced such a bench warmer since  the
inception of the forth republic in 19999.
The Deputy Speaker  is a kind of person who do not listen to any one
unless his relatives, he also dont even help those suffered for him
during elections campaign talk less of the less privileged ones, that
is why his constituents are now ready to bring  him back comes 2015.
In a related development, a group of people led by Mal. Mukhtari G.
Adamu (Matawalle) condemned all the allegations leveled against him
also commended his effort in all his stay in office, he also called
those try to paint him black as mischief makers who didn’t want the
state to forge ahead. Finally, Mr. Mukhtar G. Adamu has advised the
electorates  to come out in mass and re-elect Deputy Speaker for
progress and development of his constituency at large.

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