Bauchi Guber: PDP jostles to unseat Gov Abubakar


Bauchi state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate for 2019, Senator Bala Muhammed, has promised to restore the fading glory of Bauchi state by unchaining the state from the jaws of underdevelopment and political manipulation presently being experienced and perfected in the state under the present APC administration.

Speaking to some aggrieved members of the ruling party, APC at his GRA residence in Bauchi, Senator Muhammed remarked that “in 2007, through sincerity of purpose, concerted effort and determination to bailout our state from retrogression in the hands of fortune seekers, we defeated the power of incumbency and formed the government. In sha Allah, we shall repeat same in a more broad based style in 2019 in the interest of our people and the aggressive development of our dear state.

“As indigenes of the state, we intend to carry out our campaign with decorum and within the law but we shall not tolerate insults, provocative statements, lies, threats and intimidation from any quarter no matter who is involved. We are respected indigenes and Bauchi is the only state in the federation that belongs to us and it is our duty to stand against all odds to develop the state for posterity.

“We know that parties opposed to our vision are already jittery of our efforts and probably planning evils against our efforts but as bona fide sons of the soil not asylum seekers, we shall do everything within our power to rescue our state from underdevelopment and artificially created poverty and retrogression. We shall not fold our arms to watch our state underdeveloped and reduced to glorified village status under any guise”, Mohammed maintained.

The gubernatorial hopeful promised that if elected he would lead an all inclusive administration where indigenes of the state will be encouraged to give positive contributions in serving the state in whatever way possible to achieve optimum results.

According to him, his administration will be a model of envy in northern Nigeria by other governors because his priority areas will be on creation of wealth, improved agriculture, health, education and provision of lasting infrastructure while indigenous contractors will be key players against what is obtainable today.

He added: “Bauchi state has reputable contractors that can handle most of the contracts my administration will award. They have the expertise and the technical capacity to play vital roles in the collective development of our state. We cannot patronize contractors from Kano, Adamawa or any other state for the execution of simple contracts that can conveniently be handled by our people. My administration will patronize indigenous contractors while moribund state government investments shall be resuscitated without traveling overseas in search of non-existing foreign investors. Our investments shall be for revenue generation and employment opportunities in respect of the likes of Misau ceramic industry, Zaki flour mill, Madangala sheep and Galambi cattle ranches as well as Gubi dairy farm and other state-owned investments”.

He appealed to those aggrieved APC members that intend to join his campaign train to hasten their defection to the PDP if not for his interest, at least for the interest of the state that is drowning in the hands of clueless leadership that lacks the required experience and determination to move the state forward.

Meanwhile, plans have reached an advanced stage to receive the over 300 defectors from the ruling APC to the PDP in an effort to wrest power from the APC in 2019 for a more progressing Bauchi state.


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