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    Habib Yauri

    Almajiranci doesn’t mke sens @ll. Its only northrner who beg on d street. Hardly u c any other tribe begin on d street or trafic jam, they are ol northernrs, which is very unfurtunate, infact its kind of word yoruba men used against to insult an Hausa man in lagos. And dnt blem them, cos begin is porhibitedd accurdin to Islamic law, expect thouse who are wicknesis.

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    Well written piece by Hassanna. I think if any person is allowed to carter for young people, they should be regulated and licensed. If they Mallams and their schools are registered, they should be entitled to some grants from the State Governments, as long as they meet certain conditions, like curriculum, health and welfare.

    I believe these institutions though they private, should be modified to meet present societal needs of nurturing and producing well adjusted and productive citizens.

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    Well written piece but I think we should categorized these menace not only to when one is sent to learn Islamic knowledge that he is “Almagiri”, when reduce to begging. What about Handicaps, Physically challenged people as Lepers, Lame and Blind and some other deformities ect. What about Children of broken families, Orphans and Aged groups that are not well catered for. Streets Urchins and drop outs. There by examining the push and pull factors.

    I am on the opinion of completely changing our attitudes before we come with the solutions and reducing the menace of begging. All hands must be on deck from our traditional institutions to the civil society groups and the Government that will provide policies and guide to curve the menace completely from society. Our Emirs and Imams are key elements and Actors Government should use in uprooting this hydra headed behaviours.


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