President Goodluck Jonathan has continued to deny the insinuation from Nigerians that the Federal Government induced National Conference is laden with Jonathan’s personal and private agenda. He was reported to have said that “Let me again repeat what I have been saying, that Goodluck Jonathan has no personal agenda in convening this national conference.” He stated this at the inauguration of the Conference at the National Judicial Institute.

Although he has tried in vain to convince Nigerians that the whole idea was motivated by the patriotic desire for a better and a greater nation, Nigerians are not entirely fooled into believing the presidential statement, as a dark cloud of suspicion is seen to have generally encompassed the skies of the National Conference, with not a few Nigerians strongly convinced that it is all part of a hideous ploy to execute a hidden parochial agenda. So how does this ploy play out and how does Jonathan benefit from this agenda? For answers to these posers and more read this revealing story in this edition.

Similarly, the controversially sacked Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has responded over his `suspension’ from Office as CBN Governor, while still pursuing his case in court.

Sanusi took time to give a catalogue of his achievements as CBN Governor and how he, thanks to all CBN Deputy Governors, Departmental Directors and Sundry Staff, transformed CBN for the better. Find out what these achievements are and the content of the entire 27 page document in this must read edition.

You can as well read the gory details of how some young Nigerians lost their lives and many others sustained different injuries across Nigeria. This happened when the Nationwide Recruitment Examination organized by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) turned tragic. Find out who is responsible? What happened, where and how?

As killings and general insecurity pervades on the land, especially in the North-East and most recently in some parts of the North-West, has the Federal Government of Nigeria under President Jonathan shown any convincing commitment and the capacity to tame the scourge? Read on for the answers.

There is also the story of how happy Nigerians are with the Federal Government’s decision to cause a forensic audit of the NNPC. So read the enthusiasm, the fear and general expectations of Nigerians regarding the audit of the NNPC.

Also, there are equally interesting and captivating stories like how insecurity in the North is blamed on insensitivity of Northern Elders; Governor Yero vows to end killings in Kaduna and many more.

Read on. It promises to be an interesting edition.

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