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    The attack has always been on Christians. Checks all the States where they had attacked including that of Kaduna State. In kaduna it has always been at Southern Kaduna. I like what is going on in Nigeria today. Now we have indigenous people of Middle Belt forum, co-ordinating from Jos. They even replied the so called Northern Governor’s forum over their recent defence of Fulani Herdsmen on attack at Agatu. It would be recalled that middle Belt soldiers fought the civil war for so called Nigeria. Today where are the development at the land of Middle Belt? How are they recognized among One North which were deceived to belong? In the recent past, the Indigenous people of Biafra has been agitating for and wanting to be on their own. Now the Middle Belt zone has come up with the Indigenous people of Middle Belt forum. The injustice is spreading. The Killing by the Fulani Herdsmen is aimed at conquering the Christians dominated states in Nigeria. We are watching.


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