Boko Haram: Posers for Northern Elders and Leaders


By Sharon Faliya Cham


First, let me start with this somber news that the Nigerian Air Force jets bombed the army barracks in Bama, Borno state, North-east Nigeria, on Monday, September 1, 2014. News reports have it that the fighter jets bombed the army barracks when the army was fighting “Boko Haram” fighters who came attacking the town, and that the army was seriously repelling and destroying the “terrorists” when the Air Force jets came on the scene and bombed the barracks, and in the process all the armoury in the barracks was destroyed in addition to many casualties, which made all the soldiers completely defenceless, and then “Boko Haram” took control of the town while the soldiers fled the town alongside multitudes of civilians.

For those who don’t know, Bama is the second biggest city in Borno state after Maiduguri the state capital, and if “Boko Haram” has taken over Bama you can be sure that their next target will be the state capital. Remember that a few months ago President Jonathan has withdrawn the soldiers guarding the governor of Borno state, which means, if the plan to take over the entire state through “Boko Haram” proceeds, he will be very vulnerable, for he could be captured like chicken for barbecue.

Please, do remember that all this bloody fraud is happening under a so called State of Emergency with President Jonathan’s 20, 000 soldiers in charge. I am tempted at this point to laugh but I will not, because lives and properties are being deliberately wasted and destroyed everyday over nothing. Having said that, let me quickly assert that there is nowhere in the world whereby military fighter jets of the same country will bomb military barracks in a city where the same military is engaged in a fierce battle with terrorists and then the terrorists will take over the city. It only means the military fighter jets were commanded to aid the terrorists at the expense of the lives of the soldiers who were gallantly fighting the terrorists.

Even a trainee fighter pilot cannot make the mistake of bombing any military barracks, because all military barracks are uniquely visible, and every fighter pilot has a clear map of the area they are dispatched to fight, and moreover, all fighter jets are in communication link with ground troops and a central command centre. Therefore don’t ever believe the spin they may make that “it was a mistake” or “friendly fire”. Remember also that when “Boko Haram” attacked the Giwa army barracks in Maiduguri sometime this year, their video of the attack also showed a military fighter jet giving them cover in the sky.

Note that after each town has been captured by “Boko Haram” the Defence Headquarters will issue the same statement that the military will recapture the towns back from the “terrorists” but nothing of the sort will be seen until another town is captured by the “terrorists” again. So, what further evidence does anyone need that “Boko Haram” is a government agenda against a particular people? If this is not False Flag operation then the world should gather all her grammarians and etymologists to construct a new meaning for False Flag operation. Now back to our opening question:

Where are the Northern leaders?

For now, Nigeria is one country but everybody knows his or her father’s house. But when your father’s house is under attack you cannot fold your arms with your mouth sealed. There is no room for diplomacy when your enemy has undiplomatically brought war right into your home. Therefore the idea of keeping sealed lips while you are being destroyed is the height of self destruction and self injustice.

I expect that by now a powerful coalition of northern leaders should hold a World Press Conference and declare that they are being destroyed systematically through a well orchestrated State Sponsored Terrorism, and should raise a powerful delegation to visit world leaders and raise the same issue, and then finally take the matter to the International Criminal court of Justice and secure some arrest warrants.

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