After nearly 3 years of attacks and bloodshed, Desert Herald has learnt through an email forwarded by the spokesman of the BOKO HARAM sect and from Borno Elders Forum, revealing that the sect would by 3pm today announce a CEASE FIRE with some conditions. Details of the condition were not known at press time but Desert Herald gathered from credible sources that Boko Haram will demand the unconditional release of their members and the safety of their family members anywhere they are. This development is coming at a time Amnesty International (AI) had accused the Nigerian Army of gross human rights violation in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency which they (AI) alleged that the Nigerian Army have killed many suspects and incapacitated many through torture, an allegation the army denied.

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  1. Yusuf says:

    The complain on brutality by the JTF is true but i to some extend dont blame them.

  2. Bonoma says:

    Please cease fire or retreat is better for now. Please fear Allah and since there is not direct contact between you and Allah, only your interpretational understanding of the Qur’an. So please cease fire.

  3. mac mingyi says:

    The cease fire offer by Boko Haram is a good one only government will take it by puting awy their pride

  4. eddy says:

    faceless cowards..after killing and maming defenceless women kids and the old,,they call that errand from their god? confronting armed personnel in a shootout to decide who is brave like they do in the old wild wild west shootout would have earned them bravery rather than using dark night to carry out gruesome executions on the innocent.
    i believe everyone of those involved (sponsors)in dstardly act would be punished honestly here on earth

  5. Ahmad bello says:

    Allah ka daukaka addinin islam

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