By Tukur Mamu

In a surprise development that may end the persistent uprising that has resulted in the killing of innocent people and destruction of property worth billions of naira in the last three years in north eastern part of Nigeria, the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram whose operations have crippled the economy of Borno and neighbouring Yobe states have announced a surprise cease fire today in Maiduguri the Borno State capital.

DESERT HERALD had hours earlier broken the news that the sect will today formally announce a cease fire with some conditions. Conservatively, the violence in the northern part of Nigeria had killed more than two thousand people while many more are left permanently incapacitated either due to the terror attacks (suicide bombing) by the sect or due to torture and sometimes even gun shots by the members of the Joint Task Force (JTF).

Dependable sources told DESERT HERALD that the leadership of the sect in recent weeks were under intense pressure from the Borno Elders Forum to consider the sacrifice of a cease fire not because of the lackluster attitude of the federal government but because of the increasing casualties being recorded on a daily basis. Earlier, DESERT HERALD had received an exclusive email from the sect members confirming the their resolve for a cease fire and according to them to give those in authority the chance to show to the world that they are indeed committed to peaceful resolution of the crisis.

In a press conference that was attended by some members of the Borno Elders Forum in Maiduguri this evening the Boko Haram sect through their representative one Abu Abdul’aziz said they are formally announcing a cease fire in consideration of popular demand and to give the facilitators the benefit of doubt. Abu Abdul’aziz said to demonstrate their commitment to peace, they are not giving government conditions that may give it reasons to continue to waste public resources without commensurate result.

Part of the conditions as gathered exclusively by DESERT HERALD is that the sect had agreed on its own to lay down their arms and suspend any campaign of violence and killings in whatever form and that they will await federal government actions that will show its commitment to peace and reconciliation with them. The Boko Haram sect through Abu Abdul’aziz also demanded full compensation to all the families of their members that were not killed in the battle field (those that were extra-judiciously executed by the JTF from 2009 to date including their leader Mohammed Yusuf and those that were killed through torture and gun shots while in custody).

Similarly, the sect demanded the release of all their members that were not captured in battle field by the government as well as reconstructing their place of worship (Markas) in Maiduguri and the freedom to practice their religion as they used to do before.

Boko Haram in the first press conference also said that part of the condition for lasting peace is the immediate arrest and prosecution of ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff and all the officers that killed their leader and hundreds of their people in 2009 without subjecting them to due process of the law.

They said they will give both the federal government and the Borno State government time to act and that during such time they will not be directly or indirectly involved in any attack and that anybody that attacks or kill within that period is not their member and that there would not be such instruction from their leadership.

Abdul’aziz said they will lay down their arms for the period but that they are not giving their arms because their campaign has not ended until such a time government demonstrates sincere commitment to everlasting peace. They if their freedom to religious practice cannot be guaranteed the efforts of well meaning Nigeria’s may never work and that the little conditions they gave will show to the whole world whether it is the government that is encouraging the violence for its benefit or not.

The spokesman of the Borno Elders Forum who was part of those that attended the press conference, Bulama Mari Gubio confirmed the development to DESERT HERALD.


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  1. abdul I kubo says:

    Sincerely speaking this has never be the first neither is it the second timeof me hearing this,we hope that this will be the lasting solution to it.

    • The sect is suffering severe CASULATIES since WEDNESDAY till date and is assuming that GOVT has gone 2 hire Israeli messanaries 2 assault them.
      The loss of their Shekau impostor and key Commanders in the battle of Konduga, alongside the recovery of his most valued propaganda equipments (The APC Vehicle, Desert coloured Hilux Van,among other items) is forcing out this unusual request (Passionate plea).
      Nigerians, be informed that the Bokos have been Cornered by Superior might and they are trying to remain relevant by resorting to bargaining for CARROT AND STICK, with realisation that the end has come.
      The end has come for this monsters and I think it will be JUST (as a NATION) to support an end rather than bargaining with them and prolonging their existence.
      NOTE: You are adviced never to marry from a lineage with known History of madness because it may resurface in another generation(THE gods SPEAKING).
      An ordinary man would say, I REBUKE IT.

  2. posh says:

    So unfortunate I doubt a million times. One should nt be carried away but still be security concious

  3. Yusuf says:

    Why do they want the head sponsor arrested?

  4. If they are really serious to ceacefire,then is left for the government to co-operate to bring the end of this masacca.

  5. Salisu Ado says:

    This is very good news, may Almighty God save & help Nigeria.

  6. Kasim alkali says:

    May Allah SWT make it a reality

  7. Garba m goni says:


  8. What a concession that is given to inept, unduly docile and action-less leaders of this country.If you cannot tame Boko Haram why are you sending troupes to neighbouring countries on the guise of military capabilities. With the demonstration of absolute weakness in ensuring the security of lives and property,the end to unnecessary uprising is not in site

  9. Egoigwe says:

    Delaying tactics for them to regroup and rearm. Don’t hold your breath folks, this menace has to be dealt with decisively, once and for all. They have slaughtered fellow Muslims and Christians alike, no ideology, no goals, just plain massacres. Now, the heat has arrived the kitchen and they want to escape to that air-conditioned space and catch their breath. Ah ah, babu! These guys are not even Nigerians but Chadians and Nigeriens, mercenaries bought and paid for by disgruntled Northern Madrasa-groomed politicians. I say kick butt, all the way to Monguno!!!


    you kill your papa kill your mama spoil your father land and come back to tell people say you don cease fire, because FG take action, go ahead and see who’s father’s land would spoil THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT

  11. MII says:

    They dont have choice, hungry is already dealing with all of them. Members and sponsors of Boko Haram must be visited by God’s wrath. Blood of innocent dead citizens of this country are crying for justice.God will surely punish all of you. Do you think you can contend a regular army?

  12. I know what I heard from my Messenger Muhammad SAW, that this guys worth no listening they should only got what they deserve that’s to be killed all, cus what they are doing has no palace in a religion of Peace (Islam) not a single part. They are not trustworthy they will never cease Fire! And that for certain.

  13. Immaclouds says:

    Stories! Let BH finish what they started. God purnish them!

  14. centjohn says:

    Its well with Nigeria.stop the wickedness

  15. New Nigeria says:

    Ansarul Islamist Militant Group – BOKO HARAM NEWS!

    Is it dangerous to be a Christian and a Human Right Activists in Nigeria?

    Comrade Saidi Ayinla Aregbe still missing.

    The bodies of couples that went missing in April 2012 have been identified. Authorities has confirmed that two of the four bodies found at the Maladumba Lake in Misau Local Government Area, Bauchi on Friday, 7th February 2014 were that of Pastor Babatunde and Matron Bamidele Osiefa. The third and fourth body (Both Men) could not be identified as their heads were missing.

    Investigation and confessions by one suspects revealed that the Pastor’s preaching are contrary to the Boko Haram ideology, which wants to create a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria having been waging a bloody insurgency since 2009.

    The couples who until their death were the Pastor and Matron of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC) Katagum – Bauchi State resigned to fate after their home was affected by flood in 2011 before they went missing in April 2012 after the Ansarul Islamist Militant Group; a division of Boko Haram Sect visited their home in search of pacifist and civil right activists Son’s in-law (Comrade Saidi Aregbe) for his involvement in the campaign against inflicting harms on innocent Nigerians and the Islamization of Nigeria held in March 2012 at Zuwal in Sayawa , Tafawa Balewa Local Government, Bauchi State.

    The controversial pacifist and civil right activist Son’s in-law; Comrade Saidi Aregbe was said to have been abducted by Unknown Gunmen when similar attack was launched at his Lagos home in the same year.

    The whereabouts of the activist, wife (Rukayat) and daughters who were said to be victim of forced female genital mutilation, including threatened invocation with evil spirit by the family is still unknown at the time of this publication.

    According to the World Health Organization; Female Genital Mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women. The practice violates a person’s rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death.

    The corpse of Pastor Babatunde and Matron Bamidele Osiefa was transferred to Lagos and finally laid to rest on 14th February 2014 at Christian Cemetery, Lagos.

    The best way to honor the affected families is to ensure that there is greater focus on abductions and progress in combating kidnapping.

  16. Iliyasu Biu says:

    Cease fire by Boko Haram? They are giving Nigeria conditions? No it won’t be. The political leadership of the federal republic must call the shots!

  17. Fatima Tahir says:

    Alhamdulillah this wat we’ve bn praying for, its now left 4 d government 2 co-operate so that we all can leav in peace

  18. peace says:

    The end wl surely justfy d means,NO NEGOTIATION!! For Gods judgement is now, WATCH OUT FOR HIS WRATH!!!!!!!

  19. ibrahim kwajaffa says:

    Absolute nonsense. There demands are ridiculous. They are tired nd weared out. Just trying to buy time to regroup. I sense weakness in there part. And I honestly i dont think they are sincere. But moreover, if negotiation will work its our best option. Enough of the massacre!

  20. Nafisatu Murtala Limanti says:

    I don’t believe this story at all. How many times,have they promised & failed. Relationship between them & SAS has gone sour!!! In Sha Allahu, their relationship with Mujaheed Asari Dokubo will soon rotten too!!! Yawa go gas!!!!

  21. anon says:

    They know that government will not agree to their demands. In fact the government does not care if they cease fire or not. It won’t be long before they come back to the battle field. Besides why do they want Ali Modu Sherrif prosecuted? They should bring everything out or No Deal.

  22. Bello says:

    Negotiation and concensus never kill but gun and bom do kill. Goverment, the ball is now in your court!!!

  23. Benjamin Joshua says:

    This is uterly rubbish knowing well they the Bokon Haram can NEVER and will NOT succeed in Nigeria. They are already fighting a loosers battle. To hell with their conditions.

  24. Alfa says:

    May Allah subhanahu wataala let it work . And Also the government should allow the arest of any person who is involved there sponsored. They should be arested and try if there inorcent they will be free. May Allah help us ameen

  25. Imam says:

    It’s contradictory why asking for thr sponsors head,sheriff have been vindicated.Allah is the best jurdge.

  26. Ali says:

    No time limit for the cease fire? Just an open check, people should be weary about this develment.

  27. jj says:

    Inaa ba zai yi Wu ba. Karya sukeyi ka wai. (no is not possible. They are not worth to be trusted.

  28. diplomat says:

    They are stupid. Grant them amnesty over what? Compensate which families? And release environmental threat!!!! They are stupid federal government should not co operate, until blood becomes water thats when they ll change. Boko haram should not have a choice whatsoever, after all the lives and emotional and security trauma they put us all through nahhh we should not negotiate with terrorist. And they shouldn’t tell us who to probe, if there’s anyone wjo should be probed it’s boko haram. They have already done their worst nothing will no longer be new.

  29. Ken says:

    lmao! and it is 2014 now. you’ll be at it all 2015 as well…prob 2016 tOO

  30. Yaji says:

    I pray and hope the intention could be genuine and TRUE. Pls. Let the government consider some of the conditions if not all to spare lost of human lives and properties.

  31. melody091115 says:

    Twenty first century lies!!! Stop deceiving yourselves n Nigerians…this won’t work.

  32. Abu Ayat says:

    I don’t trust their promise or pledge. Let our troops fight this to the end. Government will eventually change given time. If this Government is happy with the BH acts God will hear our calls and give us the one that can fight them.

  33. nas says:

    Yes they have to b/cos they are short of ammunation since the ordered one was seized

  34. The true Nigerian says:

    Point of no return. Fire on Federal Army.

  35. John says:

    Let the fight continue until they are all wipe away. It is a tactics to regroup. The Nigerian Army should it now or never.

  36. Justin says:

    A cease fire after defeat? Nice. Okay. The Govt should prosecute Sherrif. They should also prosecute Boko Haram for the mass murder of Nigerian citizens. and payment of appropriate compensation to the people killed fair deal eh?

  37. osagie says:

    The nigeria army must continue this fight until every boko haram members are brought to justice,there will be no cease fire,you don’t dictate to a nation,we will tell you what we want,what happens to all the innocent people that you killed?you just a joke.

  38. Abubakar says:

    My long time ago’s suggestion was this and it was sent to one of channels TV program. At the time that issue of negotiating the release of the kidnapped girls was put forward, my opinion was that it should serve as an opportunity to negotiate total laying down of arms in exchange for their captured members and amnesty. A responsible government should take advantage of this window to a lasting peace.

  39. Timothy says:

    There are lots to their statements than meet the eyes ooooo, why now that they are being bombarded that they are calling for ceasefire? Crutch them all the way and bring their sponsors to book.

  40. AHMAD says:


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