Buhari: ‘Upright Presidential material’



Any person who disputes the fact that General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari is not a near perfect honest and morally upright personality is only trying to be unnecessarily economical with words of appreciation.

No doubt, General Buhari is a very fine, brave and courageous army general; who is among the army officers that fought so hard during the civil war; and have since then kept Nigeria as a United Country.

And Almighty God truly rewarded this retired general as he rose to become a Minister, Governor and to crown it all, Nigeria’s Military Head of State – the equivalent of President, Federal Republic of Nigeria under Democracy

However, the test from God to General Buhari as Nigeria’s past Military Head of State is that his leadership was much more associated or referred to as a brutal and barbaric style of governance; even as some others claim that during his leadership, corruption became reduced to a very manageable level; despite that then, there was no EFCC, Code of Conduct Bureau and ICPC etc

I also owe a lot of gratitude to this noble personality called General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari who is from Daura in Kastina state. However, our Great General is hereby humbly and so politely adviced to withdraw his political Presidential aspiration, come 2015. He should not allow us to start looking at him as a political spoiler for the northern cause or Project of Goodwill.

General Buhari should realize that after serving as our past Head of state; he contested to rule Nigeria again under Democracy in 2003 but lost in the election.

In 2007, he re-contested in the Presidential election but failed. And after he failed to win another Presidential election in 2011, General Buhari promised never to contest in the Presidential election any more.

Last year or is it early this year, when Buhari suddenly changed his promise from not to contest again; into I will contest again in 2015, most of us started wondering why this “Double Speak” from our original General rtd Muhammadu Buhari?

Hear General Buhari: “This Campaign (of 2011) is the third and last one for me; since, after it, I will not present myself again for election into the office of the president”. However, as wonders will never end, recently in the month of October 2014, General Buhari was so busy and publicly explaining to Nigerians that it is some other prominent personalities who are now pushing him to seek for yet another nomination for the Presidential contest, come 2015.

Haba! Oga Buhari, I thought it is only trucks and wheel-barrows that are usually been pushed about by people. If General Buhari is comparing himself with Baba Iyabo; who doubles as Evangelist Obasanjo and past civilian President; General Buhari fails to understand that unlike himself who truncated Democracy via a military coup that toppled Alh. Shehu Aliyu Shagari; General (rtd) Olusegun Obasanjo stands shoulder high as a personality who so successfully conducted Democratic elections and handed over power to a civilian government.

Again, there is big difference between been considered as an honest personality; when compared to been a personality of good leadership qualities. I mean that been a person who can be able to manage human beings effectively well; in the areas of planning, co-ordination, motivation and control. It is on record that Muhammadu Buhari’s political popularity has dwindled to a very alarming level; but some of his associates continue over-rating him to high levels.

Even in his home state of Katsina, the state Branch of APC was not able to contest in the Local Government elections; and I consider the reasons for their failure to contest so flimsy, uncooked and funny. Whereas, in Adamawa state and inspite the acts of intimidation agaisnt Adamawa Branch of APC, Alh. Atiku Abubakar and the other APC stakeholders were set to win the Governorship election.

As soon as the PDP realized that fact, they quickly adopted another funny strategy and through the court, the Deputy Governor who claimed that legally he did not resign; became returned as the Governor of Adamawa State.

You can even witness how it always becomes difficult for Buhari’s political party to win Governorship elections in his home state of Katsina. Now then, where is the usually so pronounced Buhari’s popularity?

Please, I shouldn’t be seen as unnecessarily criticizing our well respected General Buhari. Rather, I am only wishing that he should see better reasons why as he did retire from the Nigerian Army; he should also retire or withdraw his Presidential ambition to re-contest in the 2015 elections.

I plead with Buhari; to know or understand that it will serve a better purpose if he offers unflinching support to a more nationally popular APC Presidential candidate.

For, it will serve a better purpose to encourage more voters from the other geo-political zones to vote for APC. I plead with Buhari and his supporters to support Alh. Atiku Abubakar who stands a better (if not the best) chance to emerge as Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC.

General Buhari rose through the ranks and was a Minister, a Governor and Nigeria’s for Head of State. And so, after failing on three different times to win in the democratically Presidential elections; I see no further good reason why Buhari should still be insisting for another chance.

In addition, Buhari and his supporters should not see it as a pride to tell us that Buhari is honest and not corrupt; to be good reason why the General does not own his personal house of residence in Abuja, the Federal Capital; of all Nigerians.

Before I fire on, let me ask: so whenever General Buhari is to spend a night or nights in Abuja, does he go as a squatter in the house(s) of his friends or the goes to sleep in hotels and pays hotel bills? If so, is that the best of a personality like him?

May be our much respected General Buhari does not know that Abuja is the symbol of Unity for all Nigerians and the various tribes that make up Nigeria.

I hereby suggest to Nigerian voters not to vote into power as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; who doesn’t own at least his personal residential building of a room/parlour with toilet and bathroom in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Is it true that General Buhari was granted a financial loan from one of the Commercial Banks; and with which he obtained or purchased his Presidential nomination forms? Wonderful! And what a Hell of an idea? And a twist in misfortunes for Buhari and our dear country, Nigeria?

While Buhari continued seeking to be voted into power as President during the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections; and under the various political parties platforms; majority of the stakeholders within such political parties continued becoming so dissatisfied with General Buhari’s poor or weak Organizational Abilities and a general lack of effective co-ordination competence.

And that continued causing crisis and disorganization, uo to the time of the CPC. And that was more reason why even the CPC only managed to win Governorship election in Nasarawa State; which was largely due to the popularity of Governor Tanko Al-Makura and his other team of the major political hench men and women of Nasarawa state.

In the eighties, general Buhari was thrown out of office by a military coup de’tate. And so, can I be wrong to refer to that coup as a military impeachment against Buhari? And to be a good enough reason not to allow General Buhari to seek to rule us again?

Frankly speaking, in a country like Nigeria, the most populous on the continent of Africa and with many geo-political zones; and in which partisan politicking and campaigns are usually well-loaded with political sophistication and some other political make-ups; Buhari’s age has a telling disadvantage against him.

For those who are still in support of Buhari by comparing his age to that of other Presidents in other smaller countries; this is a poor comparison.

Most of such countries are not larger than, for example, the size of Sokoto state. Such countries population is not more than 3million to 17million. And on a land size of 200,000 to not more than 300,000 sq kms.

When compared to Nigeria’s population of over 160million and on a land size of more than 923,000 sq kms; this sense of comparison becomes to a very AWKWARD type.

Our beloved General and our very honest Muhammadu Buhari. Please, can’t you stop ranging rather too far with your ambition to Democratically become President of Nigeria?

Most especially, since it is you (Buhari) who largely contributed in the trun-cation of Nigeria’s Democracy during the reign of our well organized Alh. Shehu Aliyu Shagari?

And while I have no doubt in my mind that General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari is a strong pillar in the APC; he should accept the reality that he contributed so heavily in scuttling the growth of democracy in Nigeria.

Again, whereas our retired Generals from Nigeria’s Armed Forces are a strong clique in the partison political affairs of our country; they are adviced to put their egoisms down and allow DEMOCRACY to fully replace what I consider to be DEMOFORCE that is trying to rear its ugly face in the current politicking.

Let us not start singing another poor song of SOJA GO (Obasanjo) and SOJA COME (Buhari).

Nyianshima can reached at locomotive1717@yahoo.com


  1. What does age has to do with good and effective leadership. All what we need is experience, transparency, good governance, firmness and so on.

  2. You ammageddon. We are tired of such a rascal talks. You will InshaAllah bury yr face in shame. We love Buhari n every reasonable Nigerian will vote for him

  3. A vote for Buhari is a vote for a retrogression. Buhari has no clue of modern digital governmental system. His religious extremism are well known t Nigeria. A religious fanatics is the least person Nigerians are looking for given the destruction and killing presently experienced by Nigerians esp in the northern part of the country.

  4. Let me remind you and others like you Nyianshima,…that Nigeria being at the cross roads as a result of about 4 decades of misgovernance that has turned corruption and patronage into acceptable tradition needs an examplar like Buhari with his impeccable integrity and character to lead us out of the woods by inspirational leadership. This is already happening as more and more are wilfully queing behind him to jettison corruption and impunity and embrace due process. If you are sincere just pick one other person with Buhari’s qualities among the candidates of all the political parties that has the zeal and consistency to carry out this assignment of reorientating a banana republic like Nigeria where national resources looters and rogues are celebrated and crowned with traditional titles and honourary Phds.


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