Buhari will soon balance appointments – Oyegun


The national chairman of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari will appoint Nigerians from all the geopolitical zones of the country to serve in his government.
Mr. Oyegun said most of those already appointed by Mr. Buhari were his personal staff.
Speaking Monday in his office in Abuja, when he received a delegation from the Muhammadu Buhari Organisation Dynamic Support Group, led by its national coordinator, Usman Ibrahim, Mr. Oyegun said he believed Mr. Buhari would get it right.
He said the apparent outrage generated by recent appointments by Mr. Buhari, were coming from those who may not mean well for the president and his administration.
“There have been a lot of unfortunate misinformation and uproar against appointments at this stage. We have two sets of appointments that have been taking place.
“One set are the personal privilege of Mr. President, as far as his personal staff are concerned. The other set has to do with a few important and strategic persons that are going to help him either in the fight against corruption or the fight against insurgency in the North-east of our country. But this is not where to play the political balancing game. These are serious and the president has the right to appoint those he has confidence in because these are the areas where he has made promises to Nigerians.
“But we have thousands of political appointments and he has just made a few appointments while thousands are still waiting. The balancing must happen when the political appointment are being made, but we must not at this particular point in time with the few appointments say that one must be from the North, one must be from South or from the east; not at this very stage.
“So, one must make that clear at this stage. Nobody, no leader can disadvantage any part of this nation, that will not happen,” the APC Chairman said.
On the anti-corruption fight being pursued by the president, Mr. Oyegun said the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, which had been in power for 16 years, is against it because its members may be guilty of corruption.
“If a particular group has ruled for 16 years, then who is guilty of corruption?
“And all the fight, witch hunting are neither here nor there. What is important is that everybody who has a skeleton on his cupboard are the ones who have something to fear. If you do not have any skeleton in your cupboard, you can go to sleep and sleep very sound, but of course if you have one, you will pretend and try to divert attention,” he said.

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