The peerless poet, Williams Shakespeare, wrote that time strolls with some people and gallops with others. And so it has been with the government of His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari since he mounted the saddle on May 29, 2015. After the initial period of strolling which earned him the nickname of “Baba go slow”, the administration has since accelerated. So much so that by the time Buhari clocked three months on the throne on August 29, 2015 few can disagree that he has been piloting the nation’s affairs at a steady pace.
Indeed, the past three months have been quite momentous for the government and people of Nigeria in several respects. For perhaps the first time in a long while Nigerians are proud to have a President whose vision, courage, selflessness and incorruptibility mark him out as a breath of fresh air from the decadent and clueless leadership which we have endured for very long. Little wonder even world leaders like USA’s Barack Obama are proud to identify with Buhari barely few months into his stewardship. Although three months are too insignificant to assess a four-year tenure, we dare say without fear of contradiction that just as morning tells the day, the first three months of the Buhari presidency bode great omens for our beloved fatherland. Not only has the culture of impunity been discarded, it is now crystal clear to even the blind that truly change has berthed in Nigeria. In a nutshell it’s no longer business as usual!
Nothing epitomizes this heartwarming change than the Single Treasury Account introduced by the government. Under these innovative policies, all Federal Government revenues must be paid into a consolidated account, as opposed to the old corruption– strewn method whereby a typical ministry or agency operates as many bank accounts as the officials there pleased. By this singular act Buhari has plugged one of the sources of leakages that hitherto characterized government’s operations.
In the same vein the administration has kick-started efforts to reform the cesspool of graft and fraud called NNPC. This is even as a number of strategic appointments have been made with a view to not only steering the ship of state steadily, but doing so in a way that would gradually end the rot in the system. Indeed, a Daniel has come to Nigeria in our blessed – but – battered nation. Not to mention the unfettered war against corruption.
As the government marches confidently into the months ahead, we join millions of other compatriots in wishing it well. This is even as we urge it to not only maintain the temple of its visionary leadership, but accelerate further. In this respect, it is imperative to appoint ministers without further delay. The plan to revive the national carrier following the demise of Nigeria Airways, must also be fast-tracked. Recovery of the trillions of naira looted by officials of the previous government must also be pursued without fear or favour.
Aside from his pledge to wage a full scale war against graft, Buhari had also assured that his government would make life more meaningful for the millions entangled in grinding poverty; this effort should be hastened without further delay. In the same vein critical sectors like energy, power, education and health should be accorded the attention they urgently need. This and similar other tasks would be made easier when the president’s cabinet is constituted. All in all, the immediate future of Nigeria under the leadership of this no-nonsense president and commander-in-chief, looks very encouraging.


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