Buhari’s second coming!


General Muhammadu Buhari will for a long time to come continue to savor his hard-earned victory at the recent presidential elections which came after his fourth attempt at clinching the most coveted position in the country.

It was indeed a sweet revenge and a payback to the opponent that trounced him four years ago, after he was earlier defeated by two candidates from the same rival party. That remarkable feat has jolted millions of Nigerians into wild frenzy of unprecedented orgy of jubilations and celebrations which lasted for more than two days, leaving scores of triumphantly joyful supporters dead.
General Muhammadu Buhari won the elections outright in the Northern and Southwestern states while the incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan, won appreciably in South-south and South-east zones, comprising mainly of his ethnic stocks and people vehemently opposed to the newfound romance between the peoples of the North and the West. General Buhari’s overwhelming political influence, irresistible charisma and general acceptability had also put his fledgling party in a better stead to enjoy a comfortable majority in the two chambers of the National Assembly.

General Buhari’s victory was nationally and internationally described as a demonstration of Nigeria peoples’ confidence in his strong leadership qualities. The people had unequivocally spoken and convincingly demonstrated with their votes their confidence in the ability of the president-elect to pull the nation out of its present socio-political and economic woes. It was quite clear the masses of this country were fully convinced that Buhari’s rigid principles and uprightness were some of the sterling qualities that must have convinced them to elect him.

Generally speaking, Nigerians believe that Buhari’s presidency will bring about the much anticipated economic growth and, by extension, development and prosperity to the nation, and are therefore looking forward to a prosperous and great country under his able leadership. In fact Buhari’s historic victory represents a new dawn in the nation’s polity. Moreover, the process that brought that important, new development has been roundly adjudged free, fair and credible and was hailed across the length and breadth of this great country. It has, in addition, shown how General Buhari enjoys widespread acceptance as the man Nigeria needs at this critical stage to reposition her from the sixteen years of unjust and inefficient governance by the PDP.

Interestingly, despite the smear campaigns against Buhari’s person and candidature, as well as his past antecedents, coupled with desperate attempts to polarize the country along ethnic and religious lines, Nigerians made a bold statement by speaking through their ballots that he was indeed the president they want and a veritable beacon of hope and eventual deliverance from the evil forces that slow their progress.

They ardently believe that with General Buhari at the helms of the nation’s affairs they will really get a true and selfless leadership needed to drive the much-desired change at the centre which will start the process of re-engineering the country and halt the drift which the country had been plunged in the last sixteen years.

Without any doubt General Buhari’s history as a former military Head of State had revealed an indelible imprint he had left at that time which are still being positively felt across the country. General Buhari’s commendable actions and accomplishments in the military have been the credentials that stood him up as a worthy and trusted leader that inspired confidence in his political followership. He had, therefore, became a great source of inspiration to many because of his exemplary character and transparent disposition.

His political adventures have ushered Nigeria into a new dawn, opening several windows of opportunities and chances to strive at greatness. Nigeria has never been segregated along multiple divides like now. The election was preceded by brazen, discordant and disruptive campaign speeches and vile comments that exploited our fault lines and emphasized our differences and inflamed passion.

It will therefore be proper if realistic steps are taken by the president-elect, on coming to power, to remedy all the pains caused by these transgressions, misbehaviors and misconducts so as to restore sanity in the polity and make future politicking a worthwhile venture.

To be able to do that successfully General Buhari must endeavor to bring as assets to his new office, his good name, anti-corruption posture and encouragement for honesty and patriotism. These virtues could not come at a better time but now that an honest and upright person is in charge. It is pointless to add that our country needs healing and reconciliation and Nigerians will look up to General Buhari for a right direction in that regard. He therefore has unenviable task of uniting the country and restoring confidence in every Nigerian at home and in the Diaspora.

Now that General Buhari has successfully staged a second coming it is imperative he should immediately begin the process of rebuilding Nigeria and its fractured institutions as well as reconciling its estranged peoples. While conveying our best wishes and looking forward to a prosperous and great country under General Muhammadu Buhari as the people’s choice, we urge him passionately to reflect their will for genuine change in his government’s well and commendable policies and programs.


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