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Can Buhari Survive the Plot of the New ‘Mafia’?


Why the demonization plot may fail

As Dasuki, Maria Mattar, Udenta and Sha’ibu tops lists of suspects

By Tukur Mamu

The gladiators of the former regime of ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, both in official and unofficial capacity are certainly no longer at ease and for the first time since Mr. Jonathan took over from late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua six years ago they are confronted with the painful reality that the game is not only over but the time of reckoning and nemesis of their six years of misrule, impunity, unprecedented corruption, nepotism and economic sabotage will sooner or later befall them under President Muhammadu Buhari. Tthey have laboured very hard using every federal might at their disposal and wasting the nation’s resources to ensure that Buhari did not emerge as president.

More worrying for Mr. Jonathan and all those that defrauded the nation under his watch is the posture and resolve of the western powers, notably the United States, to assist Nigeria and its new president not only to repatriate the stolen wealth but to ensure their prosecution wherever they may be or they may hide on earth. By this resolve and under a president that vows to ensure that there are no sacred cows, the rich are not only crying but crying profusely waiting helplessly for only time to come.

DESERT HERALD weekly can confirm that certain foreign bank accounts that were used by officials of the former regime to deposit proceeds of oil bunkering that are running into billions of naira are not only under close watch but some were frozen or an order of withdrawal limit has been issued to the banks by officials of the host countries. At the end and what has lately become more worrying for such corrupt former officials and their agents it will become a double jeopardy; losing their stolen wealth and facing prosecution for their crimes against the nation. The pressure and the uncertainty even before President Muhammadu Buhari begun has left officials of the former regime that have can of worms devastated, frustrated and falling sick with no clear idea of what to do to attract the sympathy of Nigerians and the international community. As at the time of filing this report DESERT HERALD can reveal that the likes of former billionaire vice president Namadi Sambo, ex-Petroleum and Finance Ministers, Diezani Allison-Madueke and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Magnus Kuku etc are abroad struggling for their health or facing serious family challenges beyond whatever they have stolen can solve.

As imminent as the threats of arrest and prosecution they are facing and as inevitable as it is and having failed to pacify President Buhari through the likes of former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (Rtd), Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah etc to make his discoveries on their acts of corruption and corrupt enrichment secret and for them to return to the nation’s coffers their stolen wealth without publicizing the magnitude of their crime, DESERT HERALD can reveal that the embattled billionaires with abundant resources to spend have resolved to fight back through series of well orchestrated campaign against President Buhari and his government. The purpose, this reporter can reveal, is to destabilize, blackmail and create enough problems that will divert the attention of the government. Unconfirmed but credible sources confided in this reporter that if everything works well their primary target is the president because they see him as an unrepentant threat. This, the sources revealed, is intended to be achieved by compromising certain insiders within the APC family.

They disclosed that the crisis in the National Assembly precisely the Senate under Sen. Bukola Saraki where there is unusual APC/PDP alliance that led to compromising the strategic position of the deputy senate president despite the domination of the governing party is part of the intrigues by the new ‘Mafia’ to fight back the “emerging threat”. But who are actually the new Mafia and can they succeed against Buhari’s government?

If the event that led to the assassination of the late premier of the defunct Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, the murder of former Heads of State, Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed and Gen. Sani Abacha, and lately the circumstances that led to the demise of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua are anything to go by then there is serious cause for concern about President Buhari’s safety in view of the stupendous wealth and power of the new Mafia. The Buhari demonization, this paper can reveal, has been perfected by the Mafia. Investigation by DESERT HERALD reveals that the name Maria Mattar featured prominently as a major conspirator of the demonization plot and that she is being closely guided by the former FCT Minister, Bala Muhammad.

DESERT HERALD can confirm that Maria Mattar has three nationalities; Lebanese, Nigerian and Briton. She was a Lebanese by birth. She became very powerful and super rich during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan and she maintains close relationship with Jonathan and Bala Muhammad since then. Mattar is the arrow head of funding the Buhari demonization. She does money laundering through a prominent Yoruba lawyer to Mr. Jonathan. She has bought a castle for Jonathan in Morocco but our source disclosed that she actually outsmarted the former president for she has actually bought the property in her name. Serving as a conduit pipe to Mr. Jonathan and through her intimate relationship with Bala Muhammad, Maria Mattar has gotten on behalf of Jonathan and herself plots of lands for filling stations, lands for mass housing estates in Asokoro, Maitama and Gwarinpa, and nearly one hundred choice plots of land in the last three months of Jonathan’s government.

Mattar is also the beneficiary of the highly inflated contract for the decoration of the Eagle Square for the handing over ceremony to President Buhari at N3billion. She was a member of Mr. Jonathan’s SURE-P. Her illegal membership was just a platform for money laundering. Mattar, investigation by this paper reveals, operates foreign bank accounts that are being used for money laundering in Paris, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Quensy in UK, Malta, Cyprus and in Italy. She has over the years been making bulk transfers to those accounts in the name of importation. She is reportedly being assisted by Mr. Wale Babalakin who intelligence sources confided in DESERT HERALD is a professional launderer. In addition to her numerous dirty jobs, Mr. Jonathan has appointed Maria Mattar as the Deputy Director Logistics for the Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation where billions was channeled to them. Workers including securities, drivers and other sundry employees that served under her at the Presidential Campaign Office recently petitioned her to the security agencies over unpaid claims.

DESERT HERALD credible sources confided that some of the money Miss Mattar laundered were actually taken from the volt of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, with the connivance of the defunct Wema Bank which recently in a paid newspaper advertorials claimed to be celebrating its 70 years of existence even though the bank has no functional office anywhere in Nigeria today. The 70 years publicity was just a cover up in view of the scandals done in its name which they believe the Buhari presidency is investigating. These monies were brought in trenches and shared between her, Ifeanyi Uba and another conduit pipe, Udenta Udenta. One Indafaya Afakriya is the principal currier and secretary to Mattar who usually takes monies to a professional launderer and a prominent Yoruba lawyer to finance James Ibori’s case.

The relationship between former President Jonathan and Maria Mattar dates back to when he was the deputy governor of Bayelsa State and subsequently in the early days of his presidency he made her an aide of his former Chief of Staff, CoS, Mike. A. But the former First Lady, Dame Patient Jonathan, at a time became very uncomfortable and suspected the close relationship between Maria and her husband. On her instance and instruction this paper can reveal Maria was sacked from Aso Rock which insiders said was for obvious reasons. It was after her expulsion from the villa that Mr. Jonathan sent her to Goodluck Jonathan Support Group to serve as assistant director while Ngozi Olajume was made the director of logistics.

This led to a personality clash that while Maria feels she has the listening ears of the big boss (Mr. Jonathan), Ngozi has that of Mr. Jonathan’s Chief Security Officer, CSO and therefore feels untouchable too. But Maria demonstrated that she is of better social standing than the concubine of an “ordinary CSO’. That was how they ruined Jonathan’s campaign organization and that was the divine nemesis the former president suffered throughout the electioneering campaign that eventually led to his convincing defeat at the polls despite incumbency factor coupled with unprecedented impunity and backed by enormous resources. It was basically a battle of who will get what from the election largesse instead of dedicating the billions to fight for his re-election by reaching out to those that really matter at the grassroots and across party divide.

The Buhari demonization campaign, according to credible insiders, is being coordinated in such a way that it mustn’t fail. According to the source the anti Buhari demonization campaign is planned by the new Mafia to cover traditional media and online platforms targeting Nigerians and the outside world. The Director General of the 2011 Bukola Saraki Presidential Campaign Organisation, Mr. Udenta Udenta, is surprisingly one of the arrow heads of the Buhari demonization plot who is saddled with the task of giving intellectual direction and underground campaign of sabotage against Buhari and his government.

During the PDP’s hate presidential campaign which targets the integrity of the incumbent president, Udenta Udenta was the one that reportedly benefitted from the N8billion largesse or contract to produce hate and abusive radio jingles, newspaper advertorials and several campaign of calumny against the then APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, APC leader, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other APC stalwarts. But Udenta, insiders said, did not use 20 percent of what he collected and has only succeeded in drawing sympathy for Buhari through his sponsored hate and libelous messages.

Maria, on the other hand, was the unseen facilitator of huge money transactions and political clout of the bogged Jonathan’s dream for 2015 presidency. She is also the closest person to the former FCT minister, Bala Muhammad. Maria is said to be worth over N15billion in cash and she is currently building one of the most magnificent houses in Asokoro. She is believed to have spent over N1billion now in the edifice but yet is not completed. This paper can exclusively report that the edifice has an indoor swimming pool and lifter for four floors.

Maria Mattar’s ‘credentials’ and what she can do will no doubt unsettle and even destabilise any government if allowed unchecked. To her credit according to a security consultant that pleaded not to be mentioned, Mattar is the one that allegedly brought in the Israeli Mossad to Mr. Jonathan with the mandate to hacked INEC’s server which as INEC admitted during the 2015 polls was successfully executed by the Israelis. The security consultant further revealed that it took the prompt intervention of the United States using the CIA to dismantle the server attack and stop PDP’s plot to rig the election.

The anonymous insider also confided in this reporter that in a secret move to allegedly eliminate President Buhari, former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, a senior aide in his former office (who is still serving in the NSA’s office), Lawal Sha’ibu and Maria Mattar have imported 150 mercenaries from South Africa to undertook the dirty job. DESERT HERALD was told by the source that the three Jonathan loyalists are currently under 24 hours security surveillance and that the DSS are working hard to identify and apprehend the said mercenaries. He said Buhari’s decision to be performing his weekly Jumaat prayers inside the Villa is actually as a result of the security threat and not primarily because of the inconveniences on commuters as the presidency said.

Apparently aware about the threat on Buhari’s life, the United States have reportedly intensify pressure on the Nigerian government to prosecute Sambo Dasuki and all the sacked Service Chiefs for corrupt enrichment and war crimes which the Buhari Presidency this paper gathered is pursuing vigorously. This paper can also reveal that the former service chiefs were prevented from travelling abroad and are also under close watch.

Ifeanyi Uba is also believed to be among strong members of the new Mafia orchestrating the Buhari demonization. He is believed to be paying back to Mr. Jonathan for coming to his aid when the going was rough and difficult. As was the case with Bala Muhammad, Ifeanyi Uba believes that as long as Mr. Buhari is in power they will not have peace of mind and that they might be targeted for their huge act of economic crimes against the nation and that at the end if they didn’t act they may lose whatever they must have accumulated to Buhari’s recovery efforts and repatriation initiative hence their decision to be among active members of the demonization plot.

It would be recalled that Mr. Uba largely controlled Mr. Jonathan’s Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, where billions were channeled through the NNPC, FCTA, CBN, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Inland Revenue Service and a host of other government agencies to fight for the former president’s second term bid. Ifeanyi Uba joined Mr. Jonathan because of pending corruption cases he has at the EFCC. Notably among such cases against Uba which hitherto gives him sleepless nights includes kerosene and fuel subsidy scam which he was found neck deep in. But his ‘shrewd’ decision to support Mr. Jonathan like Femi Fani-Kayode did eventually paid off as the then president made the EFCC to virtually drop the charges against Uba’s company and even went further to rehabilitate him. At a time during Jonathan’s misrule, Mr. Uba and the then finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, were the greatest beneficiaries of the waiver for the importation of rice given by Jonathan and largely supplying for his campaign for the presidency.

A source at the presidency confided while responding to enquiries by this reporter that President Buhari is aware about the plots to destabilize his government and that he is not taking anything for granted. But whether the president is aware that his life too might be in danger in view of the desperation of the powerful Mafia that has amassed so much wealth and willing to spend anything is something time will tell, as development gradually unfolds. But what the nation cannot afford at this critical moment of our history, according to Dr. Musa Ashiru, a political scientist and public affairs analyst, “is the repetition of what happened to prominent northern leaders like Sir Ahmadu Bello under whatever guise. We must collectively pray for Buhari and do everything to protect him because if the nation fails this time around there may not be another opportunity. No sensible person should pretend that all is well in the country and in view of what Buhari started it is obvious that the thieves will do everything within their powers to fight him back. I pray Allah preserves him and he succeeds”.


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    Comment...i urge those who are in support to progress catalyse government of PMB to do and remain praying day and night for his life ,more of aids to his gov. And the destructiion enemies of change and development as well as enemies of Nigeria who lootes nation treasury to enrich themselves. We also need to use our access to social media enlight our people about the prospectus to associated with this gov. Amd fight back the propaganda and plots of bunch of thieves who are working harder to black paint the president and his ant-corruptioin war.thank desert herald