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Can Nasir El-rufai Bulldoze Yero?


During his reign as the Minister of the FCT Mallam Nasir El-Rufai attained universal fame (others say infamy) on account of his house demolition preoccupation. Before you could holler Jack, El-Rufai would have ordered the demolition of hundreds of people’s houses in one fell swoop, rendering thousands of families homeless with abandon. So much so that he was nicknamed Mr. Bulldozer.

That was then. This time around El-Rufai is confronted with a chore which needs the prowess of a consummate bulldozer to accomplish. We are talking, of course, about the ex-Minister’s bid to beat incumbent Governor Yero in the titanic race for the Kaduna State throne.

On the one hand is PDP’s Yero whose arsenal is heavily boosted by the incumbency factor. On the other side is APC’s El-Rufai (otherwise known as the Accidental Public Servant). The duo are already slugging it up on the campaign turf, shadow-boxing here, and indulging in verbal war there.

As the election D-Day draws closer, the questions on most lips are: can Mr. Bulldozer demolish Governor Yero in the looming contest? Or will the Kaduna helmsman bulldoze el-Rufai’s challenge with the ease of a Mohammed Ali smashing a house built with a pack of cards? We shall see.