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Insecurity: Why Jonathan is insensitive

Insecurity: Why Jonathan is insensitive

By Ondugbe O’ Abbah Whenever the history of contemporary Nigeria is being written, historians are likely to cast their minds back to that period when the anticipation, nay pledge, of a “breath of fresh air” was at its zenith. That, needless to say, was the period when President Goodluck Jonathan, who found himself in power


Explosive: Jonathan’s ‘untouchable’ Women at war!

Ondugbe O’Abbah narrates the dirty fight between the two musketeers of Jonathan’s ‘Kitchen’ Cabinet, Diezani and Okonjo-Iweala  Hell has no fury than a woman scorned. So goes a well-used saying; and when it so happens that two women are scorned, the level or intensity of fury involved is better left to the imagination. For the

The ‘Burden of Daily Trust’ Imminent fall predicted! The Slave Labour and sycophancy within

By Our Roving Correspondent The history of Newspaper proprietorship in Northern Nigeria has been replete with disappointments and inconsistencies which resulted in the failure of Northerners to manage a Newspaper in the North in the days of yore. As a result, the North lost its voice and relevance in the scheme of Nigeria’s unbalanced and


As PDP battles to eject 37 defected Lawmakers:

Justice Ademola Adeniyi’s ruling at the Abuja Federal High Court on Monday March 31, against the 37 defected Lawmakers from Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to All Progressives Congress, APC is as controversial as it is provoking, writes James Obute The controversial judgment of Justice Ademola Adeniyi of Abuja Federal High Court on Monday March 31,


2015: ‘Rigging can Provoke War!’

— Sheikh Gumi Renowned Islamic Scholar Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud Gumi, is not too comfortable with the goings on in the nation’s political turf, particularly the build-up to 2015 general elections. He warns that “anything short of free and fair elections amounts to a declaration of war!” BY OUR CORRESPONDENT The popular and historic Sultan Bello

The Trouble with National Confab!

Lamido of Adamawa’s bombshell last week on the floor of the on-going National Confab threatening break up, may have come as a surprise to many, but it is not an empty threat, judging by what seems to be a Southern conspiracy to elongate President Jonathan’s tenure. Our Correspondents, Ondugbe O’abah and Maryam Musa, investigate     


Alleged Crimes Against Humanity: Jonathan plots to nail Obasanjo

The war of attrition between President Goodluck Jonathan and his estranged political godfather, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, appears poised to spiral out of control, reports Ondugbe O’Abah A battle line seems to have been drawn between President Goodluck Jonathan and the chicken farmer, former President Olusegun Obasanjo. This follows moves by the National Human Right Commission


FG’s N10bn Private Jet Scandal: Super Female Minister in Soup! •Findings unsettle Jonathan

BY OHIA ISRAEL  Aviation experts under the aegis of the Concerned Aviation Professionals (CAP) have sent a petition to President Goodluck Jonathan, detailing what might be considered an embarrassing allegation over the activities of an unnamed Minister. Accordingly, the group accused the minister of spending not less than N10 billion of public funds on maintaining

14 Years of PDP is worse than Slave Trade-Gov Shettima

The Borno State governor, Kashim Shettima, on Saturday lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP-led federal government saying the 14 years of its rule in Nigeria is worse than the terrible experiences Africans passed through during the slave trade. The governor emphasised that only the All Progressives Congress (APC), a party he described as “an idea