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China signals hunger for Arctic’s mineral riches

BY ED STRUZIK China’s admission to the Arctic Council reflects the Arctic’s natural resources becoming a top priority for world powers. When China — along with Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Italy —was granted permanent observer status in the Arctic Council last month, it left many experts wondering whether a paradigm shift in geopolitics

Crumbling Walls of Ancient Kano

Kano, right from its beginning, is a commercial town. This has helped in the rapid development of the city. It sprawls over a wide expanse of savannah land. Although the city has long taken a modern cosmopolitan hue, relics of the city’s past as the hub for commercial activities during the trans-Saharan trade still remain.

African America

What is killing off African Men in America?

By RUDOLF OKONKWO Up until six years ago, Africans in America, especially the Nigerians, started to express quiet discontent on the prevalent increase in the observance of wake-keeping for relations who died at home. Fueled by the need to raise money needed to give the dead a befitting burial, the culture of wake-keeping, for some,


Promoting Nation-building Efforts Via Community Radio

By SANI ADAMU By most accounts, the radio is believed to be the most effective means of communication in Africa. Available statistics reveal that more than 70 per cent of Africans rely primarily on the radio for their information and entertainment. Historically, radio broadcasting in Nigeria dates back to 1932 when the industry served the


Exploiting the Dialogue Option to end the Boko Haram Crisis

By SANI ADAMU By all accounts, Abdullahi No-Sweat remains one of Nigeria’s most adventurous journalists in history. This is because the 74-year-old veteran journalist had spent a greater part of his productive years in some of the world’s most dangerous spots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir and Algeria, among others. Presumably talking from personal experience,