Nigerian Economy Remains Strong – Okonjo Iweala »

How is Nigeria faring in the face of the dwindling oil prices? I will like to say one thing: there has been Read more…

Boko Haram-ISIS deal: Shekau could be replaced »

By Ahmad Salkida

Boko Haram, as they are known, seem to have had a long disagreement within the Jihadi movements in Read more…

ISIL, Israel and cultural cleansing »

When discussing ISIL’s cleansing of pre-Islamic history, we must also consider Israel’s erasure of Palestinian culture

By Marwan Bishara

“How Read more…

US: Tail wags dog »

By Adamu Adamu

If, as Ambassador Abba Eban used to say, ‘The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,’ Read more…

Netanyahu’s Speech to the US Congress Really Helps Obama against Iran »

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

A lot of focus has been made about the tensions between US President Barack Obama’s administration and Read more…

2015 Elections: A Time to Choose…5 »

By Olusegun Adeniyi

As I meandered my way through what would be described as the “Overflow” in a church setting, I could not Read more…


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