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By Paul Unongu The geopolitical entity in Nigeria called “The North” or “Northern Region,” or “Northern Nigeria” has never had it so bad. Ever since the Lugard Amalgamation of 1914, the North creatively struggled and carved an identity for itself, and established and sustained the colonial administrative structures that enabled the region to compete favorably

GUEST COLUMN: How competent is Jega’s INEC?

BY OLUSEGUN ADENIYI If the morning shows the day, as they say, then the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) urgently needs help otherwise we would end up with a fiasco by the next election cycle. Indeed, given what transpired in the course of the Anambra State gubernatorial elections last weekend, many Nigerians are already losing

Dan Fodio’s Jihad and its impact beyond the Sokoto Caliphate

By Dr. Usman Bugaje Background “Oh send on my behalf to my tribe a letter, To which men or honest women may pay attention, To their scholar, or seeker after knowledge, desiring To make manifest the religion of God, giving good advice therein. I say to him: Rise up, and call to religion with a

Ghost missions on the gravy train

BY WOLE SOYINKA I had thought to leave this subject strictly to the discretionary powers of the nation’s women’s organizations, as I did not wish to be obliged to counter the convenient accusations that we, the male chauvinist oppressive of womanhood in society, have merely seized upon a legitimate initiative of ‘public spirited’ women elite

The North on its own: …If you want to go quickly, go alone. …If you want to go far, go together. Hausa Proverb

BY HAKEEM BABA-AHMED To describe the outcome of the visit of President Jonathan to Borno and Yobe States as an anti-climax would be an unpardonable exaggeration. It will be safer to say that the President has left behind a confused and disappointed people. This will include people who thought their age, pedigree, social standing and

Northern PDP Governors Hoodwinked Again?

BY MAHMOON BABA-AHMED Are Northern political leaders in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that daft and naive as they are being branded by Southerners? They may be humble and accommodating, but are far from being stupid or inexperienced. They had been cooperating willfully with their Southern compatriots on exceptionally significant political matters, making concessions and

Glad Tidings from Mr. Vice President

BY MAHMOON BABA-AHMED The recent visit to Borno State by Vice-President Mohammed Namadi Sambo is extremely crucial especially in its expected effects on the future course of events in the beleaguered area. The visit was paid at the most critical period when the state was recovering from the outcomes of terrible situations that resulted from

APC’s Anxiety over Buhari

BY MAHMOON BABA AHMED The recent grouping of 11 ‘progressive governors’ cutting across leading opposition political parties to form a united front —the All Progressive Alliance APC– against the governing party, is not a novelty in Nigeria’s politics. In the First Republic, a grand alliance, the United Progressive Grand Alliance, UPGA, was formed between some

Careless tongue worse than poisoned arrow

BY MAHMOON BABA-AHMED It is believed that peace will reign if on every garrulous mouth a padlock is hung. That is one sure way of restraining bad tongue from wicked utterances capable of causing mischief or deep disaffection among the people. In this country careless talks from sloppy mouths have degenerated into noisy affrays that