Death to Xenophobia and Tribalism! »


To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, Nigeria and South Africa are two countries separated by a common language and a common Read more…

New laws won’t stem radicalisation of UK Muslim youth »

By Muhammad Abdul Bari

Poll after poll provides us with a consistent picture of Muslim loyalty to Britain, but some powerful figures in Read more…

We Will Stop Boko Haram by Muhammadu Buhari »

When Boko Haram attacked a school in the town of Chibok, in northeastern Nigeria, kidnapping more than 200 girls, on the night of Read more…

Goodluck’s notes to Buhari   
15 Apr
Written by Mustapha Magaji

Goodluck’s notes to Buhari   »

By Okey Ndibe


My dear General, trust me, some of your political associates will come to you a minute or two after Read more…

Nigerian Economy Remains Strong – Okonjo Iweala »

How is Nigeria faring in the face of the dwindling oil prices? I will like to say one thing: there has been Read more…

Boko Haram-ISIS deal: Shekau could be replaced »

By Ahmad Salkida

Boko Haram, as they are known, seem to have had a long disagreement within the Jihadi movements in Read more…


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