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Blood group ‘linked to heart disease’

By Anna-Marie Lever Health reporter, BBC News People from blood groups A, B and AB are more at risk of heart disease than those with the more common blood type O, a study suggests. Those with the rarest blood group, AB, are the most vulnerable – they are 23% more likely to suffer from heart

isa yuguda & Tahir

Gov Yuguda Must Hear This: Citizen Tahir: A Sad Story of an Undergraduate!

By MUSA ALHAJI MUHAMMAD Mallam Abbas Tahir Haladu is an indigene of Bauchi state who was born without deformity, but fate reversed all that when fire gutted his father’s house some years ago. The disaster claimed the life of Tahir’s younger brother, leaving Tahir badly burnt and rendering his fingers useless, but a strong-willed Tahir