Containing the unwarranted outburst from Niger Delta


By Sanusi Mohammed

Sometimes one wonders why Nigerians are tolerant and too patient to react to issues of national importance no matter the consequences knowing that there is selective justice in this country. What is it not the selective justice that brought Boko Haram insurgency now defying solution and metamorphosed to a draining pipe by selected few itchy-fingered crooks? There are those that still believe to have either the monopoly of violence or for ethno-religious divide believe they can threaten the people unchallenged.

Before dealing with the issue at stake, I was sad the other day to have watched the murder of the ethics of my profession of journalism on the screens of Africa Independent Television, AIT and the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA). I wondered why such a crude propaganda against a credible personality who
staked his life to fight a civil war for a united Nigeria. I was sad because in my life, I have never expected,seen or heard primitive and irresponsible way of ridiculing a credible personality as I watched the PDP sponsored documentary on the candidature of General Muhammadu Buhari of the opposition APC.

President Jonathan and his hawks condescended so low to throw human dignity to the dogs for desperation, to win an election he never worked for. The PDP hawks severally failed attempts to disconnect Buhari from the hearts of the deprived masses then resorted to attacking his already dead family members (wife and daughter) all in desperation to discourage him from the contest. From the body language of Jonathan, he wants to remain in power suspected for to completion of the project of grounding Nigeria through corrupt practices and stealing of public funds unabated that has in the last six years flourished.

Despite all the inhuman and barbaric attacks, Buhari Campaign Organization never for once referred or attacked Jonathan’s family for any reason. Not that the organization lacks facts on the Jonathan family for ridicule but civilization, good moral upbringing and African culture abhors such unruly behavior. No one ever said Dame Patience Jonathan is barren or Jonathan’s children were out of wedlock allegedly from a lady of easy virtue; no one ever castigated Jonathan for his bad alcoholic consumption habit or commented on his mal-functional enclosed alcoholic brain that only functions when intoxicated with the popular Sapele water (Ogogoro). The organization pays more attention to addressing issues of national
importance at campaign to show the difference in maturity, culture, civilization and peace.

For instance, in 2011, President Jonathan promised Nigerians if elected fresh air but majority of Nigerians ended-up receiving air polluted with corruption and stealing with some applicants duped by immigration authority while some ended in early graves.

Think of the N83billion Malabu oil scam, N21.27billion illegal campaign donations against Section 221 of the 1999 Constitution (amended), N1.7trillion fuel subsidy paid to fake oil marketers including children of PDP chieftains (Ahmadu Ali and Bamanga Tukur), N32.8billion Police Pension fraud, NNPC missing $20billion, N255million Stella Oduah bullet-proof cars, $10million squandered by Diezani Ali-son Madueke, the oil minister on personal globetrotting, Immigration recruitment scandal, $9.3 arms purchase scam not to talk of lopsided budgetary allo cations and the failure to secure the country. The
list is endless.

Since the polity has already been heated to boiling point not only by politicians but equally by President Jonathan’s kinsmen from the Ijaw minority of the creeks who are neck-deep in threatening the unity of the country should their Jonathan suffer defeat at the election. It may be ideal for the most populated ethnic group in Africa, Fulani to also issue a similar threat should Nigerians defeat their Buhari.

The President’s men ratcheted the tension when they unanimously issued a threat to other Nigerians should there be a mistake of their Jonathan defeated at a free and fair presidential election. Of all the threats so far issued, one of the most flagrant was from Government Ekpemupolo (a.k.a Tompolo), Boyloaf, Mujahidin Asari Dukubo and other ex-war lords that are still haunted by human blood.

At their meeting hosted by Bayelsa state Governor, Seriake Dickson at Government House, Yenagoa attended by other blood-thirsty miscreants the likes of Kingsley Kuku, the ex-militants warned that there would be war in Nigeria unless Jonathan retains the seat of president for another four-year tenure.

The cowardice threat drew wide condemnation from opposition parties, responsible politicians and elder statesmen the likes of General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma who called for the immediate arrest of those beating the drums of war should Jonathan suffer defeat.

Instead of retrieving the threat, the ex-militants, Ijaw Youth Council and several other Ijaw leaders including Chief Edwin Clark stoutly condemned General Danjuma for such patriotism. Characteristic of him, Tompolo went the extra-mile to pour vituperations not only on General Danjuma but on former President Obasanjo and Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC national leader and declared that there would not only be a war but the disintegration of Nigeria.

In his words, “General Danjuma and his cohorts should know that I remain resolute on my position in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, that President Goodluck Jonathan must win this election for Nigeria to continue to stay together”.

Ijaw leader Chief Edwin Clark justified Tompolo’s statement stressing that it was not much different from statements made by the director-general of Buhari Campaign Organization, Chief Rotimi Amaechi who said that APC will form a parallel government if the presidential election is rigged.

By implication, Edwin Clark got jittery of the possibility of a parallel government because PDP intends to rig the election if given a space which he must be party to the rigging plan. Funny enough, Amaechi’s statement attracted an instant riposte from security agencies including the Inspector-General of the Police and the Director State Security Service but the ex-militant’s declaration of war was ignored, a development that reinforced the perception that the Niger Delta miscreants only acted the script.

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