Despite escaping justice hours after her resignation, APC says…Adeosun’s resignation shows honour, integrity


Despite wide spread condemnation about Kemi Adeosun’s decision to leave the country to the United Kingdom hours after she indicted herself on allegation of forgery against her in a letter of resignation she submitted to President Muhammadu Buhari which by implication means she has escaped justice and will not be tried for the offence of forgery she committed and accepted to have done, DESERT HERALD reports that the Nigeria’s governing All Progressives Congress (APC) says the resignation of Kemi Adeosun as Minister of Finance and acceptance of same by President Muhammadu Buhari is an action of honour, strength, character and integrity.

Yekini Nabena, the APC acting National Publicity Secretary, said this in a statement made available to DESERT HERALD in Abuja.

An online news medium exposed Mrs Adeosun’s certificate scandal that showed the minister procured a forged exemption certificate after failing to perform the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) upon graduation from the university before the age of 30.

For over 60 days after the scandal was exposed, Mrs Adeosun kept mum and continued in office, while the Buhari administration also largely kept mum on the scandal. The APC also kept mum.

Mrs Adeosun in her resignation letter to the president, made available by the presidency on Friday, admitted that her NYSC exemption certificate was not genuine and might affect the credibility of the administration, if she failed to quit office.

Reacting to the development, Mr Nabena said that like all responsive and responsible governments concerned about the truth and due process, the APC-led federal government undertook diligent investigation of the allegation.

“Now that the report of the investigation is out, the right thing has been done, the honourable Minister has taken the path of honour and resigned,” he said.

Mr Nabena congratulated Mrs Adeosun for her action and wished her success in her future endeavours, and joined the president in appreciating her immense contributions to the stability of the Nigerian economy in the past three and half years.

He added that in Buhari’s administration of integrity and transparency in the conduct of public affairs, no government officer with a modicum of questionable conduct or integrity should stay in office.

He alleged that in past Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led administrations, the country was held down by “corrupt and irresponsible public officers.”

The PDP, which governed Nigeria from 1999 to 2015, and many of its prominent members such as presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar had called out Mr Buhari for failing to act on Mrs Adeosun’s scandal, further piling pressure on the Buhari administration.

In his statement, Mr Nabena said during past PDP administrations, officials refused to honour invitations of the National Assembly; closed down national airports against perceived political adversaries and bought luxurious bullet-proof vehicles with public funds at inflated prices.

He recalled that such public officers had also locked out National Assembly members, forcing federal lawmakers to climb high barricades in order to assess the legislative chamber.

“It was these acts of corruption, impunity, irresponsibility and executive rascality that made Nigerians vote in the President Buhari administration in 2015, with its change mantra to put a stop to such undemocratic practices,” Mr Nabena said.


  1. Those who refuse to resign on certificate scandals lack integrity and honour. Yet are seeking for second term without honour and integrity. How can? No words of empty promises will sway Nigerians to vote as in 2015 anymore. We are being killed and poverty HSS become households in every family. The young and educated and unemployed are being chased and haunted down on the streets cas criminals. Villages have runned over by Gaddafi herdsmen and Fulani’s terrorist.

  2. Premium Times is not a spirit as to know that the NYSC certificate for my lady Adeosun was a fake.Don’t you think that those who helped her obtained the fake leaked the secret to the Premium Times. They have equally helped her runaway. Sorry my lady, the Nigerian you do not know has disgraced your genuine certificates.


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