DH Under Siege!


…As ex-FCT Min’s thugs attack Publisher, wreck Property

By Our Correspondent
In a continous effort to intimidate and silence DESERT HERALD from reporting the massive corruption and financial crimes committed by the immediate past FCT minister, Sen. Bala Muhammad and the billionaire Director Treasury of the FCTA, Ibrahim Bomoi and after failing recently to conspire and concoct tax evasion crime against FUZA Communication Services Limited using the Police under IGP Solomon Arase, the embattled Bala and BOMOI yesterday, 15th June around 10pm sent thugs to attack Tukur MAMU in his office. The heavily armed thugs in two motor bikes arrived DESERT HERALD office as Mamu closes for work. As they approach the main gate they didn’t recognise Mamu who was then in a passengers seat of a car belonging to one of his staff that used to periodically take him home instead of using his car due to same security concern. Unknown to Mamu the thugs entered the premises of his office as he drove home with his staff asking his (Mamu’s) whereabouts. The suspicious and terrified security man told them that he was in the car that just left car. They rushed out but it was late for them as there is no even traces of the car carrying Mamu.
The armed thugs then came back to the main gate and told the gate man that his boss us lucky and that as long as his paper continued to write on Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi they will find him any day and kill him.
As they convey the threatening message two of them headed straight to FUZA Comm./DESERT HERALD signboard situated outside the main premises, smashing and destroying it from all directions (as can be seen in this pictures), shouting and saying in Hausa “sai mun kashe shi” “we must kill him”. They hurriedly drove in their bike when the noise of the destruction begun to attract public attention.
Mamu after the failed assassination attempt told this reporter that even though Bala and Bomoi have bought over the police and that in the last two years they have been using the police to implicate him by all means, he will nevertheless and for record purpose write to the Inspector General of Police and other relevant agencies and organisations. He said no amount of intimidation or attack will ever cow him or stop DESERT HERALD from performing it’s constitutional responsibilities to the people, and that such threats will never stop the release of the company’s book on FCT administration. Mamu described Bala and Bomoi as cowards that can only function and confront him through corrupt police officers and paid assassins.  He challenged them if they are truthful to pursue their ongoing cases in court instead of engaging in several criminal acts to destroy him by all means possible. He said as far as the issue related to Bala and Bomoi or other officers of the corrupt FCTA former regime he is a full filled man even if he dies today because according to him he has done a lot that will assist any serious government to investigate and prosecute the likes of Bala and Bomoi.
Mamu revealed that for the purpose of ensuring that he is arrested by all means and subsiquently to be harm in detention, same persons are using the office of IGP Arase through the General Investigation Unit of the police to fabricate claims of certificate forgery against him even though he has been cleared by all the relevant authorities.
He wondered when did the police took the responsibilities of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS to have questioned and even wrote to FIRS to confirm whether or not FUZA are paying tax. And despite FIRS’s reply to them which has not in any way indicts Mamu the police went ahead to charge Mamu not FUZA Comm. in fraudulent First Information Report, FIR charging Mamu for tax evasion. “The desperate and too naive police officers have probably forgotten that even if FUZA is not paying it’s taxes, FUZA and Tukur Mamu by law are two different entities but the fraudulent FIR wants Justice Danladi Sanchi of Abuja High Court to disregard the law and arrest me because they have enough millions to share. We will never allow them to act with such criminality and impunity in this government. If they want to convict Tukur Mamu they must follow the due process of the law and stop denigrating the police as attack dogs. They should be prepared to answer charges of corruption and financial crimes against them very soon. And we insist that a renowned corrupt public officer who derives fun in celebrating his loot, whose office specialises in framing and fabricating forgery allegations and all forms of concocted criminality against credible Nigerians including the president and who can do everything to induce and corrupt others for selfish aggrandisement will never be the nation’s Accountant General of the Federation under President Mohammadu Buhari no matter the millions he is spending”.


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