Dirty Deals of former FCT Minister, Bala Muhammad


Following an in-depth investigation spanning a period of three years by Desert Herald on the activities of the disengaged FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, in our subsequent editions, the facts would be published for Nigerians to read and judge how crooks and rogues have had the opportunity to mismanage public funds entrusted them and still maintain their innocence as if they have no conscience. Desert Herald would give a blow by blow account of how Bala Muhammad from a wretched background who depended on charity bulldozed his way to illicit wealth. How he blackmailed his erstwhile godfathers and shifted loyalty to an Okrika woman fraudster. The tip of the iceberg is as follows:-
FCDA procured 50 Hilux pick vans before the 2015 elections but 32 of the vans were donated to family members, friends, miscreants, prostitutes and political godfathers.
18 of the remaining vans were hurriedly donated to the police to cover the fraud
Unabated corruption was his style of administration.
Suspected to have stolen $6billion and stashed in an American Bank that Oshiomhole promised to expose and America promised to retrieve.
A shameless front to Patience Faka Jonathan
A certified sycophant/bootlicker
Corruptly connived through a relation of Bomoi with EFCC operatives to cover fraud
Approval for Mass Housing Scheme under him was a drain pipe
Cornered over 40 hectres of peoples’ land in FCT
Fictitious contracts/over invoicing were encouraged
Internally Generated Revenue was stolen with impunity
Why Malaysian Garden project was not approved
FCT Land Swap Scam
How TAN was financed against APC
Why Jamila Tangaza was appointed Director of AGIS etc
“General Muhammadu Buhari is a serial loser in elections, PDP shall defeat him as usual”………Senator Bala Muhammed (former FCT Minister).
To become a senator in 2007, Bala had to ride on the influence of General Muhammadu Buhari and Isa Yuguda but was quick to shift loyalty in 2010 after cornering a ministerial appointment from a clueless president whose body language was corruption unabated. Nigerians were lucky to have got rid of Goodluck Jonathan at the 2015 presidential election. President Jonathan believed in the crocodile loyalty of Bala and trusted him. He never had time to study his body chemistry before the trust. During the presidential campaign in Bauchi, Goodluck was stoned, booed and disgraced as sponsored by Bala. In our next edition, we shall state the number of FCT plots allocated to miscreants from Niger Delta region, ministers, fronts, miscreants, family members and mansions donated to Niger Delta elders to perfect his plans for stay in office.
President Jonathan himself attested to the fact that Bala was his loyalist but not a performing minister. Having scored him low, what stopped the president from firing him can only be said by the two musketeers but it became a subject of discourse to discerning minds.
Before the just concluded general elections, FCDA purchased 50 Hilux pick-up vans perceived to be for support to the various security agencies within the FCT. The perception was wrong as 32 of the vehicles were systematically commandeered by Bala and same were donated to family and friends as parting gifts. 18 of the vans were left at the parking space for deceit. Luckily enough for vice president Namadi Sambo, he was not invited as usual to commission the vehicles as customary with the Bala’s style of covering fraud. The 18 left vans were hurriedly distributed to security agencies on a work-free day, May 1, 2015 ostensibly to hide the fraud from preying eyes of FCDA staff.
While Bala and his co-travellers completed the fraud, FCDA treasury department staff, under an alleged fraudster Ibrahim Bomoi who directed the staff to reconcile figures of expenditure no matter the tricks to be used at least to assist Bala and other criminals to exit before
commencement of thorough probe. The assurance given to Bala by Bomoi encouraged him to foolishly state that he was ready to open the books for inspection.
Unknown to Bala, his atrocities as a minister are already in the public domain. The several deals he made with some Lebanese and the usual amount of bribe received from prospective Mass Housing developers were known to all including APC senior stakeholders who were victims of the extortion and how his children were allocated choice plots for deals and how same children negotiated bribes from prospective land applicants for their father’s approval.
The revelation is a must read


  1. Bala Muhammed must be arrested, investigated and prosecuted on issues bordering on financial recklessness and looting. He must give account of his service as former FCT minister. How He acquitted himself as a Minister of FCT under Goodluck Jonathan cannot be overlooked. Bala can’t maintain innocence with addition or substraction of these gross allegations.His game is up. Justice is indivisible. I must condemn this crook for looting our treasury .He is one of the people (Goodluck Jonathan) who brought Nigeria to where it is today. His administration was riddled with corruption.

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