DSS Power Pendulum: Daura picked to right the wrongs?


By Ibrahim Sanyi-Sanyi

Sometime in 2010, former President Jonathan appointed Ita Ekpenyong as the DG DSS, even though Mr. Ekpenyong was number ten on the hierarchy of Directors in the DSS. The President skipped Mr. L. M. Daura who was number two in the hierarchy at that time to install someone from his native South South geopolitical zone. This effectively forced the early retirement of Mr. Daura and eight other Directors who were senior to Ita Ekpenyong.

The same thing was done in the Army by President Jonathan when he nominated his kinsman, the current Chief of Army Staff. He skipped a total of 31 generals that were senior to Major General Kenneth Minimah, effectively forcing premature retirement on 16, in order to pave way for the appointment of his annointed COAS.

To me, President Buhari merely did the right thing by correcting the injustice mated to Mr. L.M. Daura when he was bypassed by Jonathan (being the second most senior Director in the hierarchy of DSS) and retired early to make way for the appointment of Mr. Ita Ekpenyong as the DG DSS.

President Buhari is not given to myopic reflections such as nepotism and favouritism in making appointments. His previous records in the military and as HoS has shown that he goes for competence, integrity and performance. Moreover, he’s conscientious; and will go out of his way in ensuring justice and equity to all irrespective of clannish or religious considerations.

I want to believe that justice – righting the wrong done to Mr. L.M. Daura – more than kinship ties with PMB was the motivation for the appointment of new DG DSS. Besides, the new DG is very competent to run the affairs of the secret security outfit having rose to the position of a Director in that organisation.

Nigerians should look beyond the narrow prism of ethnicity, regionalism or religion in their analyses of decisions taken and appointments made by President Buhari; they should be positive, moreso when they are not privy to the information available to the President which influenced such decisions.


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