Eid Celebration amidst Economic Hardship: IIRO to the Rescue


By Umar Abubakar
The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) Kaduna Office
has, in its usual tradition, distributed meat (beef) rations to
widows, orphans and the less privileged members of the society.
Speaking at the distribution ceremony in Kaduna, the Ag Director IIRO,
Kaduna Office, Adel Hussain Abdallah, said IIRO with Headquarters in
Saudi Arabia has about 500 such offices in different countries of the
world and that relief materials, food items and other consumables are
usually provided and distributed to some identified widows, orphans
and less privileged members of the society during Islamic religious
festivities and other periods as may be dictated by the exigencies of
the day.
He said for this immediate past Eid-al-Akbar, IIRO Kaduna Office has,
in due consideration of the hard financial situation in the country,
expended USD 44,000 on cows that were slaughtered and the meat
distributed to 1,500 beneficiaries cutting across widows, orphans and
the less privileged.
“The IIRO Kaduna Office has spent USD 44,000 on over 40 cows. The meat
was distributed among 1,500 beneficiaries who include orphans, widows
and other less privileged members of the society”, Adel said.
The Ag. Director then gave the breakdown of the 1,500 beneficiaries as
800 in Kaduna, 200 each in Zaria, Ibadan and Minna, and 100 in Kogi
“Bi iznillah”, he said, “our meat donation has reached 800
beneficiaries in Kaduna, 200 in Zaria, 200 in Ibadan and another 200
in Minna the Niger State capital. We have also reached 100
beneficiaries in Kogi State, giving the total number of our
beneficiaries this time as 1,500”, Adel said.
Also speaking at the meat distribution ceremony in Kaduna, the
representative of the Kaduna State Bureau for Islamic Affairs
expressed gratitude to IIRO Saudi Arabia under the King of Charity and
Humanity, King Abdallah Bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud, for its efforts towards
uplifting Islam and Muslims around the world. He further stated that
the gesture will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the
beneficiaries, especially with the current hard economic realities in
Similarly, speaking to Desert Herald on their collections, a
beneficiary (Less Privileged), Ibrahim Sanusi expressed profound
gratitude to IIRO Kaduna Office for its consistency in looking after
them, especially when nobody, except Allah (SWT), is willing to do so.
Also Ramlat Hausa and Khadija Ali (both beneficiaries in the orphan
and widow categories respectively) thanked the IIRO for the kind
consideration, saying it is indeed Allah (SWT) that has sent IIRO to
take care of them since those responsible for them are no more. They
both prayed for Allah’s continued assistance and guidance to all those
behind the traditional and consistent act of donating to charity.
On the whole, the Ag. Director IIRO Kaduna Office, Adel Hussain
Abdallah, thanked the Director General IIRO Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ehsan
Tayyib, for his untiring efforts towards running the entire affairs of
IIRO internationally. He prayed for Allah’s forgiveness to the King of
Charity and Humanity, King Abdallah Bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud, for his
untiring assistance to the Muslim world. He then prayed for the unity
of Islam and the Muslim Ummah all around the world.
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