By Yakubu Ahmed-BK

I ‘ve watched the video of the allegations of a contract scam over and over, in order to find an alibi to repudiate the damning evidence of guilt against Buhari’s Chief of Staff Abba Kyari, but hard as I tried I drew blank. I cannot be convinced, by mere dismissal of the allegations against Abba Kyari because even without the benefit of hearing from him, the audacity and the apparent watertight nature of the claims by Waziri Bako and the Police DSP and the inability of Abba Kyari himself and the EFCC that was accused of sitting on the case to utter a word of denial, had convinced me that Abba Kyari is, to some extent, complicit.

I must confess that I have personally been a victim of a blind belief that anybody I see very close to Buhari is as good and as incorruptible as Buhari himself and so whenever allegations of graft are made, I quickly come out smoking, in defence. But with this allegation and the weight of it, I have retreated and my new slogan is “if you take Buhari out of it, everyone around him is a potential “mugu”.

Until an investigation is openly conducted and the contrary is established, Abba Kyari has forfeited whatever respect some of us have for him. The sight of ordinary citizens like the Police DSP shedding tears as intense and as pitiable as he did, on account of the humiliation and disgrace he and his family, including a two year old son in the hands of an Abba Kyari-induced security crackdown, has melted many hardened hearts. You can’t help but shed tears too. The sad commentary about the Buhari administration is that career criminals who, through sheer subterfuge, have gone close to, and have thus earned Buhari’s trust, are the ones, without subjecting themselves to electioneering processes, that have cornered power and are abusing it outright. One of them, a pioneer Secretary to the Government of the Federation was, notntoo long ago weeded out, not because the evidence of culpability against him have not been proved long ago, but because public criticisms and allegation of deliberate cover up of criminals in the Buhari administration had become strident and therefore capable of sending wrong signals to the international community.

The trending allegations against Abba Kyari cannot be wished or washed away because as in the case of the disgraced former SGF, this one has the potential to ignite other chain of events that could harm the credibility of this government at this time that the confidence of the international community and other donor agencies is seriously required to consolidate on the key economic, security and infrastructure development policies of the current government. It becomes more dangerous when viewed from the perspective that we are closing in on an all-important general election. The Buhari administration cannot afford to carry some of these useless baggage because they add no value in the real sense.

Abba Kyari must be investigated, if not on account of past allegations of sleeze running into billions like the MTN-gate, but on the allegation by Waziri Bako. If found guilty, the needful should be done in order to protect our hard earned democratic values and ethos. If this is allowed to go uninvestigated, then the saying that Nigeria is bigger than any individual is nothing but a ruse.


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