Exclusive: Imminent arrest of DESERT HERALD Publisher, Tukur Mamu uncovered


…As FCT Minister, Bala Muhammad bribes Police to arrest Mamu despite valid Court Order

…How they plot to assassinate the Publisher
…Inside Story of how they finance similar forgery allegation against Gen. Buhari

tukur mamukk

By Our Correspondent

Barely 48 days left for the current Federal Capital Territory Minister, Sen. Bala Muhammad and his aides to vacate office after almost six years of controversial and highly questionable tenure, the minister and his key aides are after DESERT HERALD publisher, Malam Tukur Mamu again to finish what they failed to accomplish during the last 15 months of their several onslaughts against him. But can they actually succeed?

DESERT HERALD findings revealed that the recent interview by Tukur Mamu which was published in DESERT HERALD and LEADERSHIP newspapers have unsettled particularly the FCT Minister and his highly corrupt billionaire Director of Treasury Operations, DTO, Mr. Ibrahim Bomoi Accama. Before the development and due to the series of blackmails, persecutions by the police and court cases they sponsored against Mamu and DESERT HERALD they thought they have crippled the paper and its publisher and that the damages of defamation and forgery claim they fabricated against him will die a natural death without him challenging. But Mamu patiently followed up the matter until he got letters of clearance from the two institutions he attended in Niger Republic and Nigeria. Besides that the management of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria had penultimate week replied the desperate letters the Police wrote seeking the institution to indict Mamu for forgery by all means but ABU, Zaria to the frustration of both the Police and their clients at FCTA not only cleared Mamu of the fabricated allegation but confirmed that he has indeed obtained a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the institution using credentials that were thoroughly verified and confirmed to be devoid of the so called forgery Sen. Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi criminally concocted against him. Their consistent and desperate attempts to push for the issuance of same indictment on forgery against Mamu through the late Commissioner of Police in-charge of General Investigation, GI, James Aromiyo and the Assistant Commissioner of Police in the GI Department, Umar Muri were hugely frustrated as they could not manipulate the diplomatic process even after bribing some officials of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Ibrahim Bomoi to ease and quicken the process in the Embassy of Niger Republic in Abuja. There plans and motive thereafter became in disarray as all efforts despite spending millions to blackmail and tarnish the credentials and integrity of the DESERT HERALD Publisher failed woefully and that they were left with no option than to remain silent on the issue until when last week Malam Tukur Mamu granted interview and exposed all their previous intrigues against him and how the FCT Minister used Ibrahim Bomoi and his office to fund the multibillion naira vogue PDP Presidential Campaign. Mamu also told reporters that Fani Kayode’s campaign of certificate forgery against Gen Muhammadu Buhari at the hit of the presidential campaign, plot in the Army to remove the secondary school certificate of Buhari and efforts to bribe judges in the FCT to disqualify the President-Elect then was directly masterminded from the office of the FCT Minister and funded secretly through the office of Ibrahim Bomoi as the DTO. He said he will provide probe of that in the court case he intends to file against the minister and Bomoi after the handing over of May 29th as well as evidences why the EFCC and other relevant agencies including the police must prosecute the duo and their children for corrupt enrichment.

DESERT HERALD can authoritatively reveal the latest plot by Sen. Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi, the minister’s inept and ailing spokesman, Nosike Obuayi in collaboration with the Police at the GI Department in Abuja as part of strategies to silence Mamu forever before they leave office on May, 29th because insiders at the FCTA confided in this reporter that they see Mamu as a major threat that will hardly stop until he exposes with documentary evidences all their misrule and corruption at the FCTA after leaving office.

DESERT HERALD exclusively gathered that on (Friday, 10th April, 2015) and after prior discussion in details with the police on how to go about the new onslaught on Mamu, Ibrahim Bomoi and Nosike sent their protégé in the name of a phantom Coalition to the same General Investigation Department of the Police at Wuse with yet another petition by the ‘Coalition’ alleging certificate forgery against Mamu and as usual and as they the (Coalition) were dictated to do as it was done previously they demanded the police in the said petition to investigate and prosecute Mamu even though they don’t have constitutional powers to order for the investigation of anybody’s credentials but since as they (the police) have done before and that it was a hatchet job and the police were adequately induced even before they brought the sponsored petition, the Police GI Department ordered and directed for prompt investigation of their bogus claims. The implication of giving such a corrupt order by the police to promptly investigate a petition from a phantom and equally forged ‘Coalition’ since the legal option will not work for them due to lack of evidence and time factor is to extend invitation to Malam Tukur Mamu as dictated to the police by the financier of the plot, Ibrahim Bomoi and then to subsequently detain him on the pretext of conducting further investigation even though it is illegal under the law.

DESERT HERALD can reveal that as early as Monday and maximum before Friday 17th April if all the plan goes well the police from Abuja with that of Kaduna since they are running out of time will storm the residence and office of the publisher in Kaduna with the aim of arresting him and taking him to Abuja. The impeccable insider source confided in DESERT HERALD that Ibrahim Bomoi has arranged with Assistant Commissioner of Police Umar Muri that as soon as Mamu was brought on detention a certain poison with destructive effect on the body and one which the effect will take about two weeks or more to manifest will either be forcefully given to Mamu or they (the police) will secretly put it in his food or use another type of poison where he will sleep and then take him to court within the stipulated 48 hours after arrest and release him thereafter on bail to die ‘naturally’. Within the period of the arrest according to our findings selected media executives as it was done during his previous arrest will be bought to carry and prioritize sponsored damaging news against Mamu and the so called discovery of certificate forgery against him with the aim of getting public support, sympathy or discrediting the content of his book, FCT Admin: The Rot Within! which will be released to the public after the President-Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari took over.

If that has failed as exclusively gathered by DESERT HERALD the police having failed to get indictment on the forgery allegation against Mamu through official means are on standby to proceed to an illegal mission to Niger Republic were they hope to just go for a formality and report back that the institution Mamu attended is not existing even though previously the Ministry of Higher Education of the republic has confirmed the accreditation of the institution. Their phantom findings will then be used to arrest Mamu and carry similar propaganda on the pages of newspapers. An aide of the minister who asked for anonymity told this reporter that forging and falsifying documents are part of the fraud that characterize the tenure of Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi who is also due for retirement this year and that that is why according to him they so much believe in perpetrating such criminality to destroy their perceived enemies. He described Tukur Mamu as a very strong and consistent individual who he said had resisted all their acts of criminality with courage.

Our source further revealed that the police officers at the General Investigation Department are misleading their DIG in the intriguing case and that Mr. Arase is completely out of the picture of the real intrigues in the matter and what his junior officers under the CP and ACP Muri are doing. IGP Suleiman Abba according to him was deliberately left in the dark on this current plot by the greedy and corrupt officers at GI. He said in addition to juicy promises Mr. Ibrahim Bomoi had visited the two officers on (Friday, 10th April) with an equivalent of N10 million in US dollars for the new round of work against Mamu. He said that is why the officers are visibly excited on Friday and immediately discussed with Mr. Bomoi on how best to go about the mission. The source revealed that it was Mr. Bomoi that gave the latest strategy to the police even though several others he dictated to in the past to them have woefully failed. The source also told this reporter that the police went out of their way during the meeting with Bomoi by giving him a copy of the letter ABU, Zaria wrote to them.

In his response to questions by this reporter, Malam Tukur Mamu said he is not losing sleep at all and that he has seen it all as far as their mischief strategy of blackmail is concerned. He said he is aware of everything they are plotting but said “they have acted too late and I can assure you that if they have not succeeded when they have all the instrument at their disposal insha Allah they will never succeed now that a government that will not tolerate such abuse of office and impunity by the police is taking over. There are so many things about such police officers we will expose later. They are not fit to be in service. They are a shame to the sacred institution of the police. The minister and Bomoi had boasted that if they could unsettle Gen. Buhari with the same fabrication of forgery who is Tukur Mamu and that if they are born of a woman they must finish me. But I insist they cannot and I will show them that they are indeed not born of a woman”.

Mamu also told this reporter that since he granted the interview under question last week agents of the FCT minister and Mr. Bomoi are calling him with anonymous numbers threatening to kill him since he is bent on exposing their principal. He said Nigerians and the Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa, PRJA, where he has been a Senior African Consultant on Media for three years should take note and that whatever happens to him either by way of attack, harm or he got killed, Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi and the set of police officers that are working for them should be held responsible and that no amount of intimidation, blackmail and official persecution by the police will ever cow him to stop what he is doing to Nigeria and said he has just started.

Further findings by DESERT HERALD and revelations with evidences by Mamu revealed that there is already a valid court order duly served on the police retraining them from taking any action on any issue related to the allegation of certificate forgery against him pending the determination of the suit he filed in the court. Also, available court documents obtained by DESERT HERALD at the Kaduna High Court where Mamu took the case revealed that the police are indeed aware of the said court order and that they even came to the court once because they were joined in the suit to challenge the Order. The court record also revealed that since the police prosecutor one DSP Nwodo came from Abuja for the matter the police disappeared and never showed up in the subsequent sittings as at the period the courts went on strike. The case was instituted by Mamu before Justice M.L . Bello and joined both the said ‘Coalition of Civil Society Organisation in Nigeria’ which their address could not be found, The Nigeria Police, The Inspector General of police, Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi, Comrade Barr. Ikechukwu Chukwumere and Media Trust Limited. Justice Bello while giving the order has also approved that the plaintiff should serve all the court processes on all the defendants that are outside the jurisdiction of the court and that he can use United Parcel Service (UPS) or any other reputable currier company as special bailiff for purposes of serving the order of the court.

Also part of the order as exclusively obtained by DESERT HERALD which was granted is an interim injunction restraining the “Dependants either acting by themselves, their agents, servants, and/or privies, or howsoever otherwise described from taking action of any nature or type including the INVESTIGATION, THREAT OF ARREST, ACTUAL  ARREST and CARRYING ON WITH THE PROSECUTION OF THE PLAINTIFF ON ANY MATTER, arising from, relating to, connected with and or incidental to the publications of allegations of crimes against the plaintiff. The order also includes restricting the “police or their agents, privies etc from carrying on with the prosecution of the plaintiff on ANY MATTER arising from, relating to, connected with and or incidental to the findings of allegations of crimes made in this investigation pending the hearing and determination of the Motion on Notice in this suit”. The said order against the police and all the other Defendants on the matter was granted by Justice M.L.Bello on the 15th May, 2014 and was dispatched by the court Registrar, Mrs. Sarah P. Galadima.

Malam Tukur Mamu in concluding his response to this reporter said that with such an order from a Court of law it remains to be seen how the police whose constitutional duties is to ensure the maintenance of law and order and to enforce the law will break such a law even though he said the police have done it before. Mamu said he will not allow them as promoters of the law to break it and that he will do everything legally possible to challenge their excesses and that if the police breaks a law or went to the extent of violating a valid court order as they want to do so brazenly they must not be obeyed. Mamu challenged Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi to be strong as he is not to rely on the instrument of power like the police and that they should fight their own battle as he is doing if they are really capable. He said they are drowning and that they will soon drown. He described them as cowards that can only function by the use of corrupt police officers and said that even if he dies today he has won the battle squarely.


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