Exposed: Forgery at Chad Basin Dev Authority



  • How former MD, Dr Abubakar milked the Authority and falsified documents to return to Fed Ministry of Works!   

By Ohia Israel Ekene

One of the Herculean tasks the incoming administration of Buhari will face is sanitizing the country on the issue of corruption. Since winning the election on March 28, there has been a lot of issues on tackling corruption, for instance the President-elect has said that one area he will sanitize is the Nigeria National Petroleum National Corporation, NNPC an agency seen by many Nigerians as cesspool of corruption.

With information available to this medium, the NNPC may not after all be the only place the incoming administration needs to look into. The Civil Service which is regarded as the engine room of every government is heavily and massively embedded in massive corruption and frauds, which also includes scandals being perpetrated by the civil servants themselves.

DESERTHERALD investigations revealed that the civil service in Nigeria is where the biggest fraud is perpetrated and that the sector has been bastardized with corruption.
A case in point is the brazen and open falsification, forgery, and suppression of facts  being carried out by one Dr. Garba Iliya Abubakar who was a retired Managing Director of the Chad Basin Development Authority, CBDA.

According to information and documents available to this medium, the said Garba has been making attempts to smuggle himself into the Federal Ministry of Water Resources as a Deputy Director (Hydrology) through falsification of records and suppression of facts.

As gathered the letter of transfer of service of Dr. Iliya Garba Abubakar from CBDA, Maiduguri to the mainstream Federal Civil Service in the FMWR was issued on 23rd July 2010, but was submitted and received by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, FMWR, 0n 17th February, 2015 five years after it was issued by the Federal Civil Service Commission, FCSC. The letter for the transfer of service has a reference number FC: 139479/77.

It is a fact that the guidelines on “appointments, promotion and discipline” issued by the Federal Civil Service Commission, FCSC 2004 states, inter alia, “officers transferred or seconded to the Federal Civil Service shall assume duty within two (2) months from the date of notification of the approval of the transfer or secondment (in case between 3rd August, 2010 and 3rd October, 2010. Otherwise the offers shall be regarded as having lapsed.”

In this case as learnt by this medium, the transferee, Dr. Iliya Garba Abubakar, didn’t report until 17th February, 2015 despite the purported Letter of Deployment of 3rd August, 2010. According to information obtained by this medium, he could not have resumed in Ministry as during this time, he was Managing Director of CBDA.

A brief profile of his carrier as the boss at CBDA shows that, Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar was appointed as the Managing Director (MD) of CBDA in 2006. He served for the maximum two-term of eight of four years each. Having served for the maximum period of eight years, without any break, he completed his tenure in December 2014. It may be noted that he was appointed as the MD of CBDA from the service of Yobe State Government where he was General Manager of the State Water Board.

However, it was learnt and from the information available to this medium, that Dr ILIYA Garba Abubakar has already began the falsification and suppressing of figures all in a bid to make return as a Deputy Director. As learnt he was recently assigned File No P.6300 in the Ministry, even as he was not registered under the IPPIS, whereas officers appointed about the same period when File No was issued were registered under IPPIS. It will be interesting to know if indeed he reported and was assigned a file number while he was not registered in the IPPIS, so why is t that his name has not appeared in the Department Nominal Roll?

For a co-conspirator in the forgery game, Mrs S.T. Chuku, Deputy Director (APD), this medium learnt that she was the signatory of the purported letter of deployment of Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage dated 3rd August, 2010 but curiously she was not yet a staff of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources,  as of the time she ostensibly issued the said letter.  Mrs. S.T. Chuku was actually deployed to the FMWR in 2012. It may be noted that throughout 2010, Federal Ministry of Water Resources Department had only one Director, namely, Mrs Sabina A. Ofoegbu, who was also the Acting Director. learnt that the Vacancy position in 2015 has changed from what it was in 2009 when the Ministry wrote the FCSC vide Ref. No MW/S/80/XII/191, dated 9th June, 2009 which formed the basis of approving the initial transfer by the commission of Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar to the Ministry as Deputy Director (Hydrology). Since he did not report, the Ministry had filled all the existing vacancies by the FCSC promoting additional Deputy Directors in 2014.

This resulted in the Departments of Irrigation and Drainage having eight (8) substantive Deputy Directors as at February 2015 when the time Ministry received the commission’s letter of transfer of Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar dated 23rd July, 2010 for the first time. The letter was apparently kept away from the Ministry because Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar was still serving as Managing Director of CBDA.

However, the letter was now brought to the Ministry after his eight (8) years tenure as Managing Director, had ended, even the purported letter of deployment by Mrs. S.T. Chuku dated 3rd August, 2010, this medium learnt, was alleged to have been backdated. This is because as at that date, the letter of transfer from the Commission had not been received in the Ministry.

Moreover, Mrs. S. T. Chuku – the signatory to the purported letter had not even been posted to the Ministry. She was at this time still serving at the Federal Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, in an attempt to mislead the Commission into accepting Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar’s eligibility for promotion to the post of Director (Irrigation) in the scheduled 2015 promotion exercise, records are being altered to show that he reported in the Ministry since 2010 so that he would now be eligible for the exercise.

Findings by this medium shows that Dr. Iliya  Garba Abukakar was the MD of Chad Basin Development, Authority, CBDA as at the time he was purported to be Deputy Director (Hydrology) in the Department of Irrigation and Drainage according to the purported letter of deployment signed by Mrs. S. T. Chuku, Deputy Director (APD).

However, this medium learnt that one of the conditions of promotions by the FCSC is the rendering of APER on prospective candidates. It will be interesting to know how this officer could have an APER rendered on him having been the Chief Executive of CBDA for the eight years (2006-2014) and has never worked in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.

More findings by this medium showed that the Federal Civil Service Commission, FCSC, approved the transfer of Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar to the Ministry of Water Resources on 23rd July, 2010, as the Ministry was alleged to have informed Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar of his deployment to Irrigation and Drainage Department of the Ministry on 3rd August 2010. More so, the said letter of transfer from the Civil Service Commission was not presented to the Ministry until 17th February, 2015, even though the Ministry was said to have deployed him on 3rd of August, 2010 in a letter signed by an officer who was not yet serving in the Ministry as at that date.

Interestingly, Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar did not report at the Ministry until February 2015, which showed that he contravened the FCSC directive as published in FCSC guidelines for Appointments, promotion and Discipline, whereas the promotion exercise conducted by the FCSC in 2014 has utilized all the vacancy positions that informed the Ministry’s letter of 2009 to the Commission, as at February 2015, when the Ministry received FCSC’s letter of transfer, the Department had eight substantive Deputy Directors and approved that Dr. ILIYA Garba Abubakar should not be considered as an eligible candidate for Promotion to the post of Director (Irrigation) in the Irrigation and Drainage Department of the Ministry of water Resources, for, as it could be seen from above, Dr, ILIYA Garba Abubakar did not report in the Ministry since his transfer of service was approved by the Commission in July 2010. During this period (2006-2014) he was the Managing Director of CBDA.


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