FCT Minister’s Loot Latest: How he mixed Politics with Religion as cover-up       


By Our Correspondent


Prior to his appointment in 2010 as FCT Minister, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed was a wretched senator loitering the corridors of FCT ministries in search of non-existing contracts for his quest to get rich quick; no matter how.

He was adjudged the worst senator ever elected from Bauchi state and about to be recalled before President Jonathan mistakenly appointed him a minister for exploiting the opinion of others when Jonathan was desperate to replace the late President Yar Adu’a.
Bala assumed office with a prepared mindset not on how to serve Nigerians to justify the appointment and trust, but on how to amass wealth through dubious and other criminal ways alien to the FCDA, including serving the personal interest of Jonathan and his appendage, Patience Faka Jonathan.

He, however, forgot the day of reckoning to every misdeed. Many opine that had Jonathan directed a drug test on most of those he appointed as ministers and other aides, probably majority could not have qualified for the positions offered.

To perfect his stay in the ‘good’ books of President Jonathan, Bala was seen to have steadily moved closer for executive protection to his like mind, Patience Faka Jonathan, for unabated corrupt practices and abuse of power with his new discovered friend, Ibrahim Bomoi, who holds a first-class in executive pilferage, forgery of official financial documents and perfection of corruption. Bomoi is one individual in whose dictionary the word decency has been deleted also from in his way of life. With the aid of Bomoi, Bala suddenly acquired wealth suspected to be from dubious source(s) including direct extortion from genuine FCT land applicants.

As a village tyrant, he foolishly started to rate himself as an accomplished personality that was qualified to aspire to govern Bauchi state. His first target was to curry favor from the Muslim community (Izalah sect) by investing part of the acquired filthy wealth on places of worship displaying his ignorance on what the Almighty God says abou illegal wealth. The Almighty God forbids investing anything illegally acquired on Islam or Muslims. Bala thought he could deceive the Almighty through investing in places of worship to achieve his hidden agenda of fronting for Patience in Bauchi state as her stooge-governor.

Not satisfied, he moved to please the Christian community in the state by redeeming a 2012 pledge of a vehicle to Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The Christian community had earlier requested for his assistance with an 18-seater bus and seats for Jerusalem in his capacity as minister. While Bala was fooling himself thinking he was pleasing the people in preparation for his aspiration, the man who knows his antecedents and saved him from poverty, was also planning how to save Bauchi State from falling into his hands.

H e started his aspiration under the aegis of a tribal union which was rejected by majority of his tribal folk. He quickly changed style to use religion which also failed to support him.
The beauty of it all is that the people whom he tried to govern know his source(s) of sudden wealth and were not prepared to support the extension of corrupt practices to their state. Most movers and shakers of the state polity played him for their share of the loot while strategizing to cause his defeat.

As a political novice, he was quick to embark on indiscriminate allocation of plots in the FCT to his would be ardent supporters and coordinators. Selected members of the out-going 7th National Assembly from Bauchi State were allocated plots without requests so also selected members of Bauchi State PDP executive council members apart from some self-appointed major stakeholders in the PDP.

While the criminality was on-going, Yuguda kept silent watching how the game could be played without his endorsement. Selected miscreants with criminal records were on Bala’s payroll and made regular visits to Abuja for directives on how to overheat the polity through indecent behaviors while hired wand writers were supported to heap insults and abuses on the person of Yuguda including portraying him as anti-Jonathan as if Jonathan has any special stake in Bauchi State.

To insult the intelligence of the people and in the absence of any tangible achievement of the chased-away Jonathan administration in Bauchi State, Bala said at a public function that, “one of the achievements of the Goodluck administration in Bauchi State is my appointment as a minister for five years, the appointments of Dr. Musa Babayo and Professor Suleiman Bogoro as Chairman and Executive Secretary of Tetfund. That statement clearly shows the level of sycophancy Bala has attained apart from equating Patience with his maternal mother.

Today, the day of reckoning is approaching. Plots allocated to fronts, commandeered, stored in AGIS etc would soon be exposed. Contracts awarded without tender, EFCC connivance etc would also be exposed. Public funds stolen and stashed in foreign accounts, is being exposed. Mansions donated to the likes of Edwin Clark and some security agents, shall be exposed. Nigerians are waiting for May 29th to kick-start the call for retrieval. FCT plots of land and contracts were Bala’s targets. The once strong man of FCT is now looking a hiding place and soft landing.



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