It was a crying galore and a frightening dawn of harrowing uncertainties for no fewer than 80 workers of the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KDIRS) who had their appointments terminated by Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai on Friday August 31, 2018.
According to one of the affected workers, a deployment of police was drafted to the revenue office had caught the workers unawares, as most of them thought the deployment was a prologue to a high profile visit.
“On sighting them, most of the agitated workers went to their various desks to attend to their normal duties. Before now, there have been rumours that the state government had concluded plans to trim down on the number of workers in the board.
“Unknown to them, a macabre dance of uncertainty was about to play out. Few minutes after the policemen had arrived; some of workers were called to receive their termination letters. The presence of the policemen was to avert any breakdown of law and order.
“Most of the affected workers were in tears, as they cried out uncontrollably over an uncertain future without any means of livelihood. One of the sacked workers, who is married to three wives, refused to be consoled, as he wailed and screamed, ‘What will I do without a job? How will I feed my family? What happens to my three wives and many children” Was this government sent to punish us? Ya Allah, have mercy on us and spare us the anguish of this administration under Malam el-Rufai’.
“His lamentation attracted the sympathy of many of his colleagues who had escaped the sack. Many of them joined in shedding tears over the unexpected sack. It was a pathetic sight to behold,” disclosed a source who witnessed the heart-breaking scenario.
Another source knowledgeable in the exercise told Forefront that the sack had been long approved by the governor, but the management of the board kept postponing the evil day. The distribution of the sack letters was against the wish of the management as the state government was determined to rationalize the staff working in the board.
“It is even speculated that more letters may be issued in the coming weeks. There may be more workers to be sacked in line with government’s vision of trimming down the number of workers in the board,” the source volunteered.


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