Gov Yero in trouble Over non performance


Our Political Correspondent x-rays the PDP-led administration under
Governor Ramalan Yero and throws light on why the power of incumbency
may not work in Kaduna state, come 2015
Pundits, political observers and public commentators with eyes on the
political arena and especially the politics of Kaduna state, which is
adjudged to be the political nerve center of the defunct Northern
Region, have continued to bare their minds specifically regarding what
they describe as the general non–performance of the PDP–led Kaduna
State government.
The pundits claim rightly or wrongly that since the ouster of the
Makarfi administration after the expiration of its tenure in 2011,
Kaduna State residents are generally not feeling the impact of the
government amidst the increasing demand for democracy dividends.
They claim also that since the coming to power of the present
administration in Kaduna State, no single new project was initiated,
as all those projects the administration is claiming to have executed
were in fact initiated and even started by Yakowa. There were cries
from the Southern part of the state that even the projects said to
have been initiated and started by the Yakowa administration were
discontinued and abandoned by the present regime.
Understandably, the residents of Kaduna State seem tired with the
style of governance and are therefore yearning for change that could
translate into more meaningful, purposeful and profitable
administration capable of changing the financial, economic and even
social situations of the populace.
To this end, and especially with the 2015 election date fast
approaching, there is the proliferation of governorship candidates
especially from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) and
other notable opposition parties. With the present scenario, it is now
glaring that 2015 promises to be a very keen contest among the notable
political gladiators in a move the clinch the state’s top job.
Unfortunately, awaken by this realization, the state administration,
pundits believe, is currently being ill–advised into believing that
placating some party stalwarts and ‘valuable’ individuals within the
state, rather than open and sincere commitment to bettering the lots
of the citizens in terms of the provision of critical infrastructure
and boosting the moral of the state’s civil servants, is the magic
broom that can fly it back to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in 2015.
Accordingly, our independent findings reveal that rather than
providing roads, water and improved electricity supply in the state,
the present administration thought it better to incur some imprudent
expenditure with tax payers’ money to the tune of One Hundred and
Thirty–Eight Million Naira (N138m). The money, according to findings,
was a contract sum for the purchase of three (3) mini, nay micro,
buses for each of the 23 local government areas of the state to be
used as ambulances.
A senior official of the government, who doesn’t want his name in
prints, disclosed that the vehicles are already distributed to the
local government areas, 3 per local government, at the cost of N2m
“Am not a politician but a civil servant”, he said, “but I can tell
you that this development is indeed unfortunate. These vehicles can be
bought easily at the cost of less than N300,000 each but here we are
forcing three (3) on each local government area at the prohibitive
cost of N2m each; so each local government is taxed N6m for the 3
“As am talking to you now each of the 23 local government areas of the
state has already received its 3 buses, painted with pictures of Gov.
Yero; while the sum of N6m will be deducted from source”, our source
Our source was quick to add further that what makes the whole thing
more embarrassing is the fact that the ‘ambulances’ are very small
that they can hardly accommodate a patient with average height lying
full length. What an ambulance!
Similarly, findings have also revealed that there was yet another
wrong step taken by the Yero administration allegedly in the Agric
Sector. Our source said additional N1m was taken from source from each
of the 23 local governments of Kaduna State, as each has received a
motorcycle-type of mini ‘tractor’ in another wasteful contract that
gulped N23m of tax payers’ money.
A cross section some of local governments staff, who have seen these
buses called ambulances, are of the opinion that each local government
would have been given just one standard 18 seater bus as an ambulance,
as they believe that would have served much better. They are full of
anger at such wastefulness and imprudence from government, especially
as the government still owes them their leave allowances for 3 good
years now.
Therefore, pundits believe that these are great disincentives that
could not make but mar Gov. Yero in his sojourn to Kashim Ibrahim
House come 2014, especially as more experienced candidates of the
opposition APC like Mal. Nasir Ahmad El–Rufai and Hon. Mohammed Isa
Ashiru are in the waiting.
They see the future of the Yero administration as bleak, especially as
Yero’s popularity is increasingly dwindling by the day. This was more
prominent with the recent reports indicating that the Governor was
literally humiliated by a cross section of the southern Kaduna people
when he visited Sanga Local Government on a rally.
The people were said to have been very angry with Governor Yero for
not deeming it necessary to have visited them earlier despite the
numerous cases of armed banditry attacks on their lives and
properties, but found it expedient to pay them a visit and campaign to
them at the same time.
About fifty grown up women were reported to have protested Gov Yero’s
visit to Sanga by coming out in nude procession along major streets of
the town, while it took great efforts from elders and community
leaders to stop the youth from physically attacking the Governor and
his convoy.
Although a chieftain of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) has denied
the allegation that Governor was to be attacked by the Sanga youth, he
however confirmed that nude demonstration, saying it was a barbaric
Meanwhile, only time shall tell what is to be expected in the coming
months of serious electioneering campaigns, especially from the
Dallatu camp!

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