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    Isim U. Udoh

    APC Chairman, he who first of all call another thief is usually the real thief. You are looking for power with all amount of vigour, don’t you think you are burning the INEC office in desperation to hang a bad name on Wike? Shame on you. Look at the way you open your fangs to accuse Wike of burning the house. What would you gain from blasphemy, you are a devil, and your place will be in burning fire of hell. Wike knew what you are up to and made the warning and you now say when the witch cry, the child dies. Who is the witch you, because another adage says, ‘when you threatened the witch, be ready for his action’. Wike threatened you and you act just as the witch would do. Note Rivers State is your State. If you like burn it all. One day you people will give account of what drunkenness APC is doing to you devilish people. Shame on you Ikanya, shame on APC, shame of devil and his cohort – Ikanya is the devil.


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