How our Publisher, Mal Tukur Mamu escapes Assassination attempt


On Friday 22nd March, 2013 gunmen numbering four invaded the corporate headquarters’ of Fuza Communication Services Limited, publishers of DESERT HERALD Newspaper and Magazine at No.2A Marnona Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna at about 5:15pm. The target of the assassins as demonstrated by them is the publisher, Tukur Mamu. They threatened the securityman at the main entrance gate with their assault rifles and forced themselves to the office. They went straight to the VIP’s wing of the office where Mamu usually attend to important visitors and does his weekly production work but instead met the Production Manager. The gunmen ransacked the entire VIP wing and threatened to kill the Production Manager if he didn’t tell them the whereabouts of the publisher. It was in the process of the confrontation that a staff in the nearby office quickly alerted Mamu through the office intercom. That was how he escaped through the back door.

In an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the publisher, the gunmen took with them two visitors. The other one (Usman) was well known to the company and is a usual visitor while the second person pretended to be a visitor waiting to see the publisher. When they decided to stop along Mararraban Jos and instead of dropping the two persons they hold hostage, they dropped only Usman indicating that the second person is their agent and must have probably came first for surveillance.

The matter has since been reported to the Kaduna State Police Commissioner and Divisional Police Station at Malali by Tukur Mamu.

It would however be recalled that this is the third assassination attempt on the DESERT HERALD publisher in less than three years and all were duly reported to the authorities.

Tukur Mamu in an interview said no amount of assassination attempt will intimidate him from discharging his duties to the society. “Every soul will one day die. A human being cannot decide my destiny except what Allah ordains. This is not Boko Haram issue I believe some agents of government are at work again. At the appropriate time the world will know those or who is responsible. We will remain committed to the service of humanity. Even if Tukur Mamu is not alive today, Allah will bring many more that are more committed than I to continue. DESERT HERALD will continue to prosper despite all odds”.

When Mamu was asked which of the government he is suspecting (state or federal) he said “the police have begun investigation. We should allow them to conclude first. Whether it’s one of the states or the federal government, investigation will reveal and if it doesn’t, don’t forget we are all journalists by training may be we will get it right but I can assure you that if we do the whole world will know”. When he was asked about the recent publications of DESERT HERALD and whether or not one of them may be part of the genesis of the assassination attempt, Mamu said “certainly our recent editions on Yobe and Kaduna did not go down well with those in power even though we tried to be objective. The one on former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff of Borno State precisely the cartoon that appears on the back page of the DESERT HERALD newspaper of last week has equally infuriated the ex-governor. The federal government too are not happy with my interview last weekend on BBC world (TV) English Service. So the attempt on my life can come from anywhere. You cannot rule anything out. In this country nothing is impossible. We saw how the whole Minister of Justice was killed and how elder statesmen like civil war veteran, General Mohammed Shuwa were killed in broad day light and nothing happens. Whoever saw what happened on Friday in my office will know that it is only by the wish of Allah that I am alive today”.

The DESERT HERALD publisher has also expressed appreciation to “our elder statesmen, governors, His Royal Highness the Shehu of Borno, members of NASS, colleagues in the media particularly the LEADERSHIP newspaper publisher, Mr. Sam Ndah, Liberty FM, Nagarta Radio, RARIYA, friends, relatives and well-wishers that personally called or text sms to sympathize with us. We assure them that they will never be disappointed in us insha Allah”.

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