I Maintain My Posture, Belief in Standing with Majority Despite Demolition of My House by El-Rufai – Senator Hunkuyi

Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi,, Kaduna North Senatorial District

El-Rufai ate, drank and slept in the same Hunkuyi’s House he demolished


Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi, Chairman Senate Committee on National Population and National Identity Card and Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter- Governmental Affairs in response to the demolition of his house in Kaduna by the state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, said the governor is making a mistake if thinks demolishing his house will shut him down.

Governor El-Rufai accompanied by soldiers in the early of Tuesday February 20, 2018 Hunkuyi House at Sambo Road, Kaduna. The building also serves as the APC Kaduna State Secretariat.

It will be recalled that APC leadership in the state led by Danladi Wada last week announced the relocation of the party’s office to No 11B Sambo road as a result of frequent attacks on the perceived political enemies of El-Rufai at the former office of the party.

Hunkuyi who represents Kaduna North in the Senate while addressing journalists on Tuesday, explained that he still ”sees and takes Mr. El-Rufai, (a member of his party) as a brother, despite what he has done”.

“I wish to say in very few words that I am not here for the fact that the demolition exercise affecting one of my properties, personally in any way, afflicted me. No. I am here to express utilisation of undue power under our very own democracy,” he said.

“First of all, I think, you and all Nigerians may wish to know that the governor has personally led a demolition of my own property which doubles as the state’s APC office in Kaduna state as part of my contribution to my party.

“I wish to say, that action, was led by his own person (governor) this morning, as early as 4 a.m. As my own brother, I wish to let you know, I have no case. I have forgiven him as a person, for doing what he did. I have no issues with him for doing what he did.

“He is my brother. For bringing down one of my houses, even if it is not my last house. I see no reason why I should lose any sleep but there are concurrent issues that go along with it.

“I ask questions; what will military be doing in a site at odd hours of 4 a.m. in a property, private (to someone) housing public institution, leading your own party, no matter the dispute in question? What will they be doing in a location like that at that hour?”

The demolished Hunkuyi’s House by governor El-Rufai on February 20, 2018

The senator declared that if the intention of pulling down that property is to ”shut him down”, it has given him more strong reasons to ”maintain his posture, belief and direction in standing strongly with the majority of the electorate of the people in Kaduna State.”

“In my own opinion, let it be an incident to grow democracy in my state. Let this be a rallying point for those who have been short-changed in any way in my state as regards the leadership of El-Rufai. It is not too much a price to pay for democracy to thrive in my state.

“You may need to know that that same property is the property that we started clamouring for support for the same governor for the people to elect. That same office he has been in and out uncountable number of times as the centre of his…, before the establishment of a campaign office.

“In case Mallam Nasir forgets and wish to push the boundary of personal feelings to express the way he feels against Hunkuyi, let me seize this opportunity to remind him that my own residence is at Inuwa Wada Road. If he wishes to demolish that, he can go ahead.

“Let me also use the opportunity to remind Nasir that there is another property which I housed him, which he slept in so many times and we fed him in the course of bringing people together to elect him as governor and it is in Queen Elizabeth Road, Zaria,” he said.

When asked if he was aware of the reasons given by the state government for the demolition, he said, “I’m just hearing that from you now and I’m sure with every sense of responsibility that if what has been released now is anything to go by, shouldn’t there be a contravention order? Or a service on us to quit the activities of the party office?

“Shouldn’t there be other steps to carry rather than jumping into what they did. I don’t think there is anything to justify that activity of bringing the bulldozers led by himself (governor). I don’t need anybody to comfort me on that.”


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