Injustice in Kaduna Court of Appeal!


Short-changed staffers of the Federal Court of Appeal have taken their destinies in their hands to fight for rights, Musa Alhaji Muhammad reports

Some staff of the Federal Court of Appeal, Kaduna have accused some of their principal officers particularly those who are in charge of Finance and Administration notably the office of the Deputy Chief Registrar of denying them their rightful night allowances.

According to our findings, members of staff mostly affected are drivers who said that for the past six years they have been receiving five thousand Naira (N5, 000) overnight allowances. But surprisingly, one of our sources who do not want his name in print said that  the Deputy Chief Registrar who has held sway for the last six years have stopped paying them this all-important allowance, alleging that the-powers-that-be are short-changing them.   .

“The most annoying aspect of the whole thing is that we enquired and investigated from our colleagues in places like Abuja and Enugu and most of them still enjoy the allowance while we are being denied something that we were enjoying during the times of Mr. Bode Thomas and Mr. Adesina. And in fact, we gathered that the money is being sent from the headquarters in Abuja. We have been patiently appealing to her and seeking to know why the allowances were cancelled but she gave us no satisfactory answer.  When she was transferred to Sokoto she handed over to one Hafiz. When we continued our struggle with Hafiz he told us that our complain is not feasible because Baraka had given him in writing that the allowances have been cancelled and that we should not be paid which means they are the ones appropriating the money to themselves. This is because we have investigated from Abuja and some other states that are still enjoying the allowances. Another frustrating thing is that even if a driver travels for 2 or 3 days he will be given two thousand Naira (N2, 000) or three thousand Naira (N3, 000) only”, one of the staff lamented.

Desert Herald also interviewed some staff from other departments of the court to verify the claims of the Drivers and they too like the Drivers who do not wish to have their names in print for fear of victimization, said that the cancellation of the allowances is true but that they may not know whether the cancellation is official or not.

However, when Desert Herald contacted the Deputy Chief Registrar, Hajiya Fatima Abubakar who the staff accused of doing nothing about the problem despite several complaints to her, said she is not aware of anything like that because since she occupied the seat she has never received any complain which borders on anybody’s allowance.


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